Suggested Christian Reading

Suggested Christian Reading

Christian Biography, General:

(See also Missionary Biography)

(C) Christian Leaders in the 18th Century; Ryle (432 pp., Thynne)

(C) Great Leaders of the Church; Moyer (Moody)

(B) Amazing Grace — Biography of John Newton; Donald Demarry (110 pp.), Light & Life Press, Winona Lake, Ind.

Memoirs of Robt. Murray McCheyne (606 pp., Oliphants)

Bush Aglow; Biogr. of D. L. Moody Personal Reminiscences of C. H. Spurgeon; Williams

Henry Moorehouse, The English Evangelist

C. T. Stubb; Norman Grubb

Borden of Yale; Taylor

(C) The Growth of a Soul; Early Life of Hudson Taylor

(C) George Mueller of Bristol; A. T. Pierson (The “Official” Life)

W. E. Vine, his Life and Ministry; Ruoff

Biography of Harold St. John

The Spiritual Legacy of George Goodman (175 pp., P&I)

T. D. W. Muir, Reminiscences (GFP) Life of W. J. McClure (Gospel Folio Press)

Psychology, Biblical And Practical

(B) Principles of Mental Health for Christian Living; C. B. Eavey

This Way to Happiness; Clyde N. Narramore (183 pp., Zon.)

Nervous Christians; L. Gilbert Little (Moody)

Letters, Poetry, Comfort:

(B) Cardiphonia; John Newton. Alternative Title: The Utterance of the Heart. (423 pp., Moody)

Letters of Samuel Rutherford (Moody)

(C) Poems of Annie Johnson Flint (Zon.) Hymns of Ter Steegen, Suso & Others; Bevan (LB)

Our Hymns and their Writers; Beattie (JR)

(C) The Mystery of Suffering; Jas. H. Brookes (Dunham)

Comforted of God; A. J. Pollock (LB) The Bow in the Cloud; J. R. Macduff. For the bereaved

Night of Weeping; Horatius Bonar (128 pp., Moody)

Daily Devotional Readings:

Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening. Ed. by Fuller

(C) The Continual Burnt Offering; Iron-side (370 pp., LB)

(B) Our Daily Homily; F. B. Meyer; 5 small vols. MM&S

Choice Gleanings Calendar. Yearly. (GFP)

Streams in the Desert. Springs in the Valley. Mrs. Cowan

Section Six:

Sundry Questions And Difficulties Bible Difficulties:

(B) What Saith the Scriptures; C. F. Hogg (222 pp., P&I)

Answers to Correspondents; C. H. M. (183 pp., Bible Truth Publ.)

(C) Studies in Problem Texts; J. Sidlow Baxter (192 pp., MM&S)

Difficulties in the Bible; R. A. Torrey (Moody)

(B) Problems and Answers; Hoste & Rodgers (JR)

Questionable Beliefs And Practices:

(B) Heresies Exposed; ed. by Wm. C. Irvine (217 13P., LB)


Popular Amusements & the Christian Life. Sinks


Creed of Fools. Lockyer


Backsliding & Restoration. W. T. P. Wolston