Suggestions For Christian Reading

Suggestions For Christian Reading

Section Five: Christian Life And Practice

Christian Life in General:

(B) He that is Spiritual; L. S. Chafer

(C) Godly Self-Control; A. T. Pierson (133 pp., Prairie Book Room, Three Hills, Alberta)

Miscellaneous Writings; C. H. Mackintosh (6 vols., LB)

(C) The Secret of Guidance; F. B. Meyer (128 pp., Paper, Moody)

Leaves from the Tree of Life; Robt. McClurkin (W)

The Best is yet to Be; Geo. Henderson (LB). For the aging

(B) Pilgrim’s Progress; John Bunyan. Variety of editions

A Spiritual Clinic; J. Oswald Sanders (160 pp., Moody)

The Ifs and Oughts of Ethics; DeBoer

The Problem of Right Conduct; Peter Green (296 pp., Longmans) Elbows off the Table; Faith Coxe Bailey. On Etiquette (Moody)

(B) A Handbook of Christian Etiquette; Mrs. W. B. Riley (Moody)

Consecration, Devotion, Holiness

(B) Sanctification, what is it? C.H.M. (Pamphlet, LB)

(B) Thoughts on Christian Sanctity; Moule (125 pp., Moody)

(C) Christian Devotedness; A. N. Groves (56 pp., Midwest Chr. Publ.)

The Practice of Christ’s Presence; Fullerton (116 p.p, MM&S)

The Home, Marriage, Parents, Children:

Christian Romance and Marriage; Gertrude Nystrom (Moody)

The Way of a Man with a Maid; Oscar Lowry (Moody)

The Christian Home; Norman V. Williams (Moody)

How to Rear a Happy Christian Family (128 pp., Moody)

(B) Principles of Personality Building for Christian Parents; C. B. Eavey (325 PP., Zondervan)

How to Tell your Children about Sex; Narramore (97 pp., Zon.)

The Church and the Churches:

(B) New Testament Church Principles; A. G. Clarke. Pamphlet (JR)

(B) The Christian Assembly; Littleproud (200 pp., GFP)

(C) The Church and the Churches; W. E. Vine (120 pp., JR)

(C) Scriptural Principles; A. P. Gibbs (W)

(C) The Church; A Symposium; ed. by J. B. Watson (230 pp., P&I)

(C) Bishops, Priests & Deacons; Wm. Hoste (P&I)

(C) The Sin of Sectarianism; Andrew Stenhouse (118 pp., GFP)

Prayer, Worship, Praise

(B) Worship, The Christian’s Highest Occupation; A. P. Gibbs (W)

(C) Praying Hyde; Basil Miller (Moody)

(B) Power Through Prayer; E. M. Bounds (125 pp., MM&S)

(C) Method in Prayer; W. Graham Scroggie (170 pp., MM&S)

How I Know God Answers Prayer; Rosalind Goforth (Zon.)

Hymns, their Use and Abuse; A. P. Gibbs (W)

Baptism, the Lord’s Supper:

Thoughts on the Lord’s Supper; C.H.M. (Pamphlet, LB)

(C) Baptism; Johannes Warns, tr. by G. H. Lang (352 pp., Paternoster)

Church History, Etc.:

(C) Church History; And. Miller (3 vols., P&I). Revised by Hoste

(B) The Spreading Flame; F. F. Bruce (432 pp., Zon.)

(C) The Pilgrim Church; E. H. Broadbent (420 P&I)

History of the Reformation; Merle D’Aubignes

The Catacombs of Rome; Scott. MM&S or Everyman’s Lby.

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs (several editions — abridged preferred)