Suggestions For Christian Reading

Suggestions For Christian Reading

Prophecy — The Lord’s Coming, Etc.

(See also Daniel, Revelation)

(B) Things to Come; J. Dwight Pentecost (633 pp., Dunham)

Things which Must Shortly Come to Pass; A. J. Pollock (LB)

(B) Papers on the Lord’s Coming; C. H. Mackintosh (111 pp., LB)

(B) Coming Twice; H. P. Barker (159 pp., LB)

Touching the Coming of the Lord; Hogg & Vine (172 pp., OL)

(C) The Promise of His Coming; Hogg & Watson; (104 pp., P&L

(C) Great Neglected Bible Prophecies; M. F. Unger (167 pp.)

(C) Seven Biblical Signs of the Times; L. S. Chafer

(C) From Eternity to Eternity; Eric Sauer (Eerdmans)

(C) The Rapture Question; J. F. Walvoord (204 pp., Dunham)

The Kingdom in History & Prophecy; L. S. Chafer

World Crises and the Prophetic Scriptures; Wilbur M. Smith

Bible Types:

(See Also Bible Characters)

(C) Study of the Types; Ada R. Habershon (178 pp., Kregel)

(C) Typology of Scripture; Patrick Fair-bairn (900 pp., Zon.)

Egypt to Canaan; John Ritchie (JR)

(C) Lectures on the Tabernacle; Sam’l Ridout (LB)

Types & Shadows of Christ in the Tabernacle; J. F. Spink (LB)

(C) The Tabernacle — Studies in the Mosaic Institutions; W. G. Moorehead (246 pp., Kregel)

Solomon and his Temple; W. W. Fereday (96 pp., JR)

(C) The Feasts of Jehovah; His Appointments; A. Van Ryn (LB)

(C) Harvest Festivals; H. K. Downie 187 pp., LB)

(C) The Law of the Offerings; A. Jukes (215 pp., Nisbet)

(C) Lectures on the Levitical Offerings; H. A. Ironside (LB)

Bible Characters:

(B) Mark these Men; J. Sidlow Baxter (Zon.)

Abraham, or the Obedience of Faith; F. B. Meyer

(B) Abraham, the Friend of God, Hamilton Smith (125 pp., GFP)

David, Shepherd, Psalmist, King; F. B. Meyer

Life of David as Reflected in his Psalms; Alex MacLaren

(C) Staff & Sceptre; Christopher Knapp On David (LB)

Elijah and the Secret of his Power; F. B. Meyer

(C) Elijah the Tishbite; F. W. Krummacher

(C) Elisha; F. W. Krummacher (250 pp., Zon.)

(C) Gideon, Mighty Man of Valor; P. J. Pell (93 pp., GFP)

(C) John the Baptist & the Secret of His Burden; F. B. Meyer

(C) Joseph, Beloved, Hated, Exalted; F. B. Meyer

A Fruitful Bough. On Joseph. Christopher Knapp (LB)

Joseph, the Revealer of Secrets; Hamilton Smith (GFP)

Joshua and the Land of Promise; F. B. Meyer

Moses, the Servant of God; F. B. Meyer The Patriarchs; J. G. Bellett (LB)

(C) Life and Epistles of Paul; Coneybeare & Howson (2 vols.)

Paul, a Servant of Jesus Christ; F. B. Meyer

Paul — see also under Acts

Peter, Fisherman, Disciple, Apostle; F. B. Meyer

Epochs in the Life of Simon Peter; A. T. Robertson (360 pp)