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Christian Fellowship


When the gentleman who had reserved the lower berth bade her good evening, she looked as if sorry that hers was the upper, and promptly rebuffed him. For awhile she sat looking out of the train window at the drizzle. There certainly was no further attempt at conversation.

As the train neared the frontier, the American Immigration and Custom Officers passed from traveller to traveller asking for proper identification and for the reason to enter the United States. The gentleman had all necessary permits in order but not so the young woman. It appeared at first that she might be denied entry, but, finally, the officer was convinced of her sincerity and gave her the privilege to attend a missionary conference in one of the northern States.

After the officials had retired, a quiet conversation ensued. “You are to be commended for your caution while travelling,” said the gentleman, “and I do not wish to intrude upon your privacy, but from your request to the Immigration Officer, am I correct in assuming that you are a missionary nurse on furlough from an evangelical hospital in the Orient?” Her answer was shy but in the affirmative.

“Then,” asked the gentleman, “am I to assume also that you are a genuine Christian?” The reply was again in the affirmative, with this added information, “I have been a Christian for eight years, and am using my training in the Lord’s service abroad.”

“I have been a Christian for over forty years,” explained her fellow-traveller.

The change in her attitude and interest was instant; for long enough they conversed together. In the morning they had breakfast together in the dining car. If on their meeting there had been a cold aloofness, in their parting one would have thought them relatives. She detrained shortly after breakfast, and for a few moments she remained on the platform waving farewell to the gentleman whom she had so discourteously repulsed.

Obviously, they had discovered a relationship, not a natural one but one in Christ. It says in the Bible, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”