Suggestions For Christian Reading

Suggestions For Christian Reading


(B) Exposition of the Revelation; Walter Scott (456 pp., P&I)

(C) Visions of St. John the Divine; Wm. Hoste (JR)

Lectures on the Book of Revelation; Wm. Kelly (540 pp., Morrish)

(C) An Outline of Revelation; C. A. Coates (250 PP., Stowe)

Lectures on the Revelation; Ironside (366 PP., LB)

(C) The Prophetic History of the Church; F. W. Grant; on Rev. I and II (183 pp., LB)

The Letters of our Lord; G. Campbell Morgan (110 pp., P&P. On Rev. II and III

Section Four:
Bible Doctrines And Sundry Topics

Bible Doctrines In General:

(B) Major Bible Themes; L. S. Chafer (305 pp., Dunham)

(B) Studies in Bible Doctrine; Wm. Hoste (287 pp., P&I)

Gospel Facts and Doctrines; C. F. Hogg (100 Pp., PM)

(C) The Faith; A Symposium. ed. by F. A. Tatford (359 pp., P&I)

The Great Doctrines of she Bible; Wm. Evans (275 pp., Mooay)

(C) The Gospel and Its Ministry; Sir R. Anderson (213 pp., Kregel)

(C) Systematic Theology; L. S. Chafer. Several Vols.

God — The Trinity:

(B) The Trinity; Edw. Henry Bickersteth (7 chapters, Kregel)

Christ — His Person:

The Glory of Christ; Owen (285 pp., Moody)

The Crowned Christ; F. W. Grant (LB)

(B) The Lord of Glory; B. B. Warfield (330 pp., Zon.)

The Master; F. A. Tatford (124 pp., LB) Our Matchless Lord; J. B. Watson (P&I)

(C) The Lord from Heaven; Sir R. Anderson (118 pp., Baker)

The Son of God; J. G. Bellett (147 PP., LB)

(B) The Divinity of our Lord; H. P. Liddon (abridged by Bloore) LB

Christ Incomparable; J. O. Sanders (Chr. Literature Crusade)

The Eternal Sonship; W. Hoste (P&I)

Our Lord Jesus Christ; a plant of Renown; L. Sheldrake (W)

Christ — His Work:

(B) Six Miracles of Calvary; Wm. R. Nicholson (Moody)

(C) The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ; Stalker (300 pp., Zon.)

The Uplifted Cnrist; A. P. Gibbs (W)

(B) The Suffering Saviour; F. W. Krummacher (444 pp., Moody)

The Sufferings & Glories of Messiah; John Brown (Zon.)

The Death of Christ; Jas. Denny (Rev. by Tasker; 220 pp.)

The Atonement; R. W. Dale (550 pp

(B) The Grandeur of Golgotha; Neil ;VI Fraser (128 pp., LB)

Christ — His Life:

(B) Life of Christ; Jas. Stalker (167 pp.. Revell)

The Crises of the Christ; Campbell Morgan

(C) The Life & Times of Jesus the Messiah; Edersheim (2 vols.)

Jesus the Messsiah (Abridgement of the above)

The Life & Times of the Lord Jesus Christ; Lange (4 vols.)

(B) The Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus; J. G. Bellett (79 pp., LB)

(B) Did Jesus Rise; Jas. H. Brookes

Christ is Alive; G. R. Beasley-Murray (200 pp.)

Christ — The Central Theme Of The Scriptures:

Christ the Key to Scripture; Scroggie (65 pp., P&I)

(C) Christ in all the Scriptures; A. M. Hodgkin (249 PP., P&I)

(B) Christianity is Christ; Griffith-Thomas (144 pp., Moody)

(C) Rays of Messiah’s Glory; David Baron (274 pp., Zon.)

The Holy Spirit:

(B) The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit; S. Ridout (224 pp., LB)

(C) Lectures on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit; Kelly (Moorish)

(C) Person & Work of the Holy Spirit; Rene Pache (Moody)

Sin, Salvation, Assurance, Etc.

(B) Wells of Salvation; James M. Davies (Ritchie)

(C) The Gospel of the Bible; Vine

The Eternal Security of the Believer; Ironside (LB)

Forgiveness in Three Aspects ;Geo. Cutting (Pamphlet, LB)

Law And Grace:

(B) The Reign of Grace; Abram Booth (291 PP., Eerd.)

(C) The Message of Sinai; F. A. Tatford (86 pp., Victory Press)

Sanctification, Holiness:

(B) Holiness, the False & the True; Ironside (140 pp., LB)

(C) Holiness; J. C. Ryle (333 PP., Jas. Clarke & Co.)

Satan, Demons, Etc.

(B) Satan, His Person, Work, Place, Destiny; Jennings (254 pp., LB)

(C) Satan; L. S. Chafer

Biblical Demonology; M. F. Unger (245 PP., Scripture Press)

The Eternal State:

(B) Man & The Future State; abridgement of F. W. Grant’s Facts & Theories of a Future State by Bloore (LB)

(C) Papers on Eternal Punishment; F. W. Grant (Brief, LB)

Parables And Miracles:

(B) The Study of the Parables; Ada R. Habershon (392 pp., Kregel)

(B) The Study of the Miracles; Ada R. Habershon (395 pp., Kregel)

(C) Notes on the Parables; Trench

(C) Notes on the Miracles; Trench

The Great Physician; G. Campbell Morgan (400 PP., MM&S)

The Lord’s Miracles & Parables; Fereday (125 pp., JR)