Suggestions For Christian Reading

Suggestions For Christian Reading


(A) Notes on Deuteronomy; C. H. Mackintosh (2 vols., LB)

(B) An Outline of Deuteronomy; C. A. Coates (392 pp., Stowe)

Joshua, Judges, Ruth

(B) An Outline of Josh., Jud., Ruth; C. A. Coates (215 pp., Stowe)

(C) Meditations on Joshua; Bossier The Lord’s Host; F. G. Patterson (Morrish, LB)

The Land & Life of Rest (on Joshua) Scroggie

Victorious Living; Alan Redpath (Rev.) How to Overcome (on Judges), J. T. Mawson (LB)

(B) Lectures on Judges, S. Ridout (332 pp., LB)

Meditations on the Book of Judges; H. L. Rossier; Bible Truth Publishers, Oak Park, Ill.)

(B) Gleanings from the Book of Ruth; S. Ridout (80 pp., LB)

Ruth & the Song of Solomon; John Watt (LB)

Samuel, Kings, Chronicles:

(B) King Saul, the Man after the Flesh (On parts of Sam. & Kings); S. Ridout (LB)

(C) Samuel, God’s Emergency Man; Fereday (94 pp., JR)

Life & Times of David; Mackintosh. (Paper, LB)

Life & Times of Samuel the Prophet; Christopher Knapp (LB)

(B) Bible Class Notes on 1 Samuel; Peter Pell (262 pp., GFP)

(C) Samuel the Prophet; F. B. Meyer
Kings of Israel & Judah; C. Knapp (LB)
Life & Times of Elijah; C. H. Mackintosh (LB)

(B) Elijah the Tishbite; W. W. Fereday (111 pp., JR)

(C) Delivering Grace (On Elisha) J. T. Mawson

Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther:

(B) Notes on the Book of Ezra; Ironside (LB)

Victorious Christian Service (On Neh.) Alan Redpath

(B) Notes on the Book of Esther; Ironside (Paper, LB)


(B) The Book of Job; Sam. Ridout; (264 PP., LB)

Job; Wm. Kelly

Job; Ironsides (LB)

From Tragedy to Triumph; H. L. Ellison (127 pp., Eerd.)


(B) Psalms; W. Graham Scroggie (4 vols., P&I)

Notes on the Psalms; G. Campbell Morgan (287 pp., Rev.)

Psalms; Bible Readings; F. B. Meyer (184 pp., Zon.)

(C) The Treasury of David; C. H. Spurgeon. Comes abridged or complete — the latter probably second hand

(C) Analytical Studies in the Psalms; Art. G. Clarke (372 pp., JR)

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon:

(B) Notes on the Book of Proverbs; Iron-side (485 pp., LB)

Exposition of Proverbs; Chas. R. Bridges; (640 pP., Zon.)

(B) Old Groans and New Songs (on Eccl.) F. C. Jennings (143 pp., LB)

Ecclesiastes; Charles Bridges; (326 pp., Ban.)

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Men; (on Eccl.) Elliott

An Outline of the Song of Songs; C. A. Coates (218 pp., Stowe)

Exposition of the Song of Songs; J. B. Jackson (150 pp., LB)

(B) Meditations on the Song of Solomon; Miller (BTP)


Exposition of Isaiah; Wm. Kelly (460 pp., Hammond)

(B) Isaiah; W. E. Vine (224 pp., OL)

(B) Studies in Isaiah; F. C. Jennings (784 pp., LB)

Studies in the Prophet Isaiah; Campbell Morgan (OL)

Jeremiah And Lamentations:

Notes on Jeremiah; Ironside (LB)

(B) The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah; E. H. Broadbent (284 pp., P&I)


(C) Ezekiel, the Man and His Message; Ellison (144 pp., Eerd.)

(B) Ezekiel the Prophet; Gaebelein Ezekiel; Wm. Kelly


(B) The Prophet Daniel; A. C. Gaebelein (228 PP.)

Notes on Daniel; Wm. Kelly (270 pp., LB)

(C) The Coming Prince (On the “70 Weeks” of ch. 9); Sir Robert Anderson (H&S)

(C) Bible Class Notes on Daniel; Peter J. Pell (GFP)

The Minor Prophets:

(B) Outline of the. Minor Prophets; C. A. Coates (164 pp., Stowe)

The Minor Prophets; G. Campbell Morgan (157 pp., P&I)

(B) The Minor Prophets; Ironside (LB)

The Twelve Minor Prophets; Karl F. Keil; 2 vols., (515 and 475 PP., in Keil and Delitsch Commentary)

(C) The Gospel in Hosea; J. Denham Smith

Hosea, the Heart & Holiness of God; G. C. Morgan (156 pp., Rev.)

(C) Joel, an Exposition; A. C. Gaebelein Jonah and Baalam; W. W. Fereday (JR)

The Prophet Jonah; Hugh Martin (Ban.)

Jonah; Harry Rimmer

(B) The Visions and Prophecies of Zechariah; David Baron (554 pp., MM&S)

The Prophet of Hope; F. B. Meyer (128 pp., MM&S)

(B) Studies in Malachi; G. Campbell Morgan (114 pp., MM&S)

Malachi, the State of Things at the End; Dennett

Men Spake from God; H. L. Ellison (160 pp., Eerd.)