Suggestions For Christian Reading

Suggestions For Christian Reading

General Introductions to the Bible

(B) Let the Bible Speak; A. McD. Redwood (133 pp., OL)

Ruling Lines of Progressive Revelation, W. Graham Scroggie

General Biblical Introduction; H. S. Miller (400 pp., Houghton, NY)

(C) The Scripture of Truth; Collett. Appears also as All About the Bible Explore the Book; J. Sidlow Baxter; 6 vol., (MM&S)

The Bible and Science

(B) Therefore Stand; Wilbur M. Smith; 614 pp. (Moody)

(B) The Universe, Plan or Accident; R. E. D. Clark, (190 pp. Paternoster Press)

The Genesis Flood; Whitcomb & Morris (518 pp., Baker)

The Flood; Alfred Rehwinkel (372 pp., Concordia Pub. House)

(C) God’s Masterpiece, Man’s Body; Art. I. Brown (352 pp., Fund.)

On Evolution — see under “Questionable Beliefs & Practices”

Bible History, Geography, Archaeology:

(B) An Introduction to Bible Archaeology; H. F. Vos (Moody)

(C) The Monuments & the Old Testament; Ira M. Price (Judson)

The Bible & Archaeology; Sir F. G. Kenyon

(C) Archaeology of the Old Testament; M. F. Unger (Eerd.)

(C) A Handbook of Ancient History in Bible Light; Miller (Rev.)

Bible Atlas; Hurlbutt (Rand McNally)

(B) Westminster Historical Atlas to the Bible; Geo. E. Wright and Floyd V. Filson. Clear maps

(C) The Dead Sea Scrolls; Merrill F. Unger (Zon.)

Bible Lands and Customs:

(B) The Land and the Book; Dr. Wm. M. Thompson; in 3 vols. or one. Often obtainable second hand

Through the Lands of the Bible; H. C. Morton

Section Three - Commentaries, Expositions, Etc.

Outline Studies or Summaries of the Books of the Bible

(B) Outline Studies in the O.T.; W. G. Moorehead (369 pp., Zon.)

(B) From Genesis to Revelation; Saml. Ridout (262 pp., LB)

(C) Living Messages of the Books of the Bible; Vols. on Old and New Tests. G. Campbell Morgan, MM&S

(C) Synopsis of the Books of the Bible; J. N. Darby, 5 vols., 500 or so pp each (LB)

Commentaries on the Entire Bible or Major Portions:

(B) Christian Worker’s Commentary; Jas. M. Gray (Moody)

(C) The New Bible Commentary (1199 Columns)

(B) Commentary on the Whole Bible; Jamieson, Fausset & Brown

The Bible Expositor; Three vols., (P&D

Matthew Henry’s Commentary; 6 vols., about 1,200 pp. ea.

The Numerical Bible; F. W. Grant —several vols. (LB)

(C) The Bible Commentary for English Readers; ed. by Dr. Chas. John Ellicott (8 vols., 600 pp. ea., Dutton)

(C) MacLaren’s Expositions of Holy Scripture; 11 vols., 2000 expositions, about 1200 pp. ea. vol. (P&D

The New Test. for English Readers; Henry Alford

Treasury of the Old Testament; C. H. Spurgeon; 4 vols. (ZON)

Introductions to the Old Testament

(C) The Unfolding Drama of Redemption; Scroggie, 3 vols. (P&I)

(B) The Dawn of World Redemption; Eric Sauer (Eerd).

(B) The Fascination of Old Testament Story; Scroggie; (MM&S)

(C) Introductory Guide to the O.T., Merrill E. Unger (424 pp., Zon)

Commentaries on Individual Old Testament Books

The Pentateuch:

(B) The Pentateuch, S. Ridout (LB)

(C) The Gospel in the Pentateuch; Lockyer (125 pp., Moody)

(C) Through the Pentateuch Chapter by Chapter; Griffith-Thomas; (191 pp., Eerd.)


(A) Notes on Genesis; C. H. Mackintosh (LB)

(B) An Outline of Genesis; C. A. Coates (261 pp., Stowe)

(B) Genesis, the Book of Beginnings; Griffith-Thomas (Eerd)

Genesis in Light of the N.T., Grant (188 pp., LB)

(C) Gleanings in Genesis; A. W. Pink


(A) Notes on Exodus; C. H. Mackintosh (LB)

(B) An Outline of Exodus; C. A. Coates (322 pp., Stowe)

(C) Studies in Exodus; Geo. Henderson; (128 pp., McCall-Barbour)

Some Lessons from the Book of Exodus; F. W. Grant; (133 pp., LB)


(A) Notes on Leviticus; C. H. Mackintosh (LB)

(B) An Outline of Leviticus; C. A. Coates (304 pp., Stowe)

(C) Leviticus; And. A. Bonar (530 pp., Nisbet)

(C) Law of the Offerings; And. Jukes; on ch. 1 to 7 (215 pp.)


(A) Notes on Numbers; C. H. Mackintosh (LB)

(B) An Outline of Numbers; C. A. Coates; (410 pp., Stowe)