Suggestions For Christian Reading

Suggestions For Christian Reading

Concordances, Lexicons, Bible Language Studies, Etc.

(B) Cruden’s Concordance. Several editions. Choose one with easy-to-read type.

(C) Young’s Concordance. (Obtainable in India Paper)

(B) Strong’s Concordance. Exhaustive. This is our preference. Englishman’s Greek Conc., G. V. Wigram. Based on Greek (LB).

(C) Expository Dict. of N. T. Worls; W. E. Vine. Now in one volume. Greek Lexicons: Abbott-Smith; Thayer; Cremer. For Green students. Select according to need.

Word Pictures in the New Test.; A. T. Robertson; 5 vols.

Word Studies in the N. T., Vincent (4 vols. 2600 pp).

Word Studies under various titles; Kenneth S. Wuest — titles include Golden Nuggets, Bypaths, Treasures, Untranslatable Riches, Studies in the Vocabulary of the Gk. N. T., Great Truths to Live by, etc.

The Bible, Its Canon, Inspiration, Preservation, Etc.

(B) Many Infallible Proofs; A. T. Pierson (322 pp., MM&S)
Thy Word is Truth; Edward J. Young (Eerd.)

(B) Theopneustia, the Plenary Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures; L. Gaussen (310 pp., Moody).

(C) A System of Christian Evidences; L. S. Keyser.
How we Got our Bible; Griffith Thomas (128 pp., Moody).

(C) The Story of the Bible; a Popular Account of How It Came to us; Sir Frederick Kenyon (170 pp).

Biblical Interpretation And Methods Of Study

(A) How to Study the Bible; S. Ridout (270 pp. LB).
How to Master the English Bible; James M. Gray (Moody).

(B) Book Method of Bible Study; Evans. Study by Books. (Moody).

(A) Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth; Scofield. (LB).

(C) Science of Biblical Hermeneutics; Robin T. Chafer (92 pp., Bibliotheca Sacra, Dallas).

(C) Knowing the Scriptures; A. T. Pierson (317 pp., Zond.).

Commentaries On The Entire Bible Or Major Portions:

(B) Christian Worker’s Commentary; Jas. M. Gray (Moody)

(C) The New Bible Commentary (1199 Columns)

(B) Commentary on the whole Bible; Jamieson, Fausset & Brown.
The Bible Expositor; Three Vols., (P & I)
Matthew Henry’s Commentary; 6 vols., about 1200 pp. ea.
The Numerical Bible; F. W. Grant — several vols. (LB)

(C) The Bible Comemntary for English Readers; ed. by Dr. Chas.
John Ellicott (8 Vols., 600 pp. ea., Dutton)

(C) MacLaren’s Expositions of Holy Scripture; 11 vols., 2000 expositions, about about 1200 pp. ea. vol. (P & I)
The New Test. for English Readers; Henry Alford.
Treasury of the Old Testament; C. H. Spurgeon; 4 vols. (ZON)
Treasury of the Old Testament; C. H. Spurgeon; 4 vols. (ZON)

Introductions To The Old Testament:

(C) The Unfolding Drama of Redemption; Scroggie, a Vols. (P & I)

(B) The Dawn of World Redemption; Eric Sauer. (Eerd.)

(B) The Fascination of Old Testament Story; Scroggie; (MM & S)

(C) Introductory Guide to the O. T., Merrill F. Unger (424 pp. Zon)