Books For Christian Reading

Books For Christian Reading

Section One
Helps For Beginners

The Gospel:

(A) Grace & Truth; W. P. MacKay.

(A) Light for Anxious Souls; Geo. Cutting (LB).

(B) Salvation; Lewis Sperry Chafer (155 pp., Fund).

(C) Salvation from Start to Finish; Jas. M. Gray (Moody).
Charge that to my Account; Ironside (LB).
Life in a Look; Baldwin (Moody).

Teaching For Young Christians:

(A) Early Paths for Young Believers; J. Ritchie (JR).

(A) Early Steps in the Christian Life; Tatford (W).

(A) The Old Nature and the New Birth; Geo. Cutting (LB).

The New Life. The New Man. The New Boy. The New Girl. The New Adorning; All by Capt. Reg Wallis (LB).

Section Two
Reference Works. Introductory Studies. Side-Lights, Bibles, Various Editions:

(No reference is made here to ordinary editions).

Scofield Ref. Bible (variety of styles and bindings).

Pilgrim Bible. Something like Scofield, but simpler.

Loose Leaf Bible (In Ring binder); Practical Bible Press, Bible School Park New York.

Loose Leaf New Testament (American Bible Soc.) This is in the American Standard Version, page 8 1/2 x 11. Wide mar.

Bible Versions, Etc.

(B)Revised Version of the Bible; Various styles and prices.

New Test. in Modern Speech; Weymouth. Suggestive. (Notes in later editions misleading).

(B) New Translation; J. N. Darby. Various editions (LB).
Other New Test. Versions are Berkeley, Wuest, Montgomery, Way, Amplified, Phillips, Williams. Use with care.

Revised Standard Version; scholarly but biased; not recommended for general use.

Bible Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks

International Standard Bible Encyclop. (5 vols., Eerd.)

(B) Dictionary of the Bible; John D. Davis (Moody)

(C) Handbook to the Bible; Angus-Green.

(B) New Bible Handbook; G. T. Manley (IVP) Introductory.

(C) Morrish’s Bible Dictionary (LB). Contains more doctrine than Bible Dictionaries generally.

Diet. of Scripture Proper Names; Jackson (LB).