Christian Simplicity

Christian Simplicity

The biographer of Mr. James Lees tells a very interesting story about Mr. S. Zebrowski, a Roman Catholic priest in Poland who was pointed to Christ as Saviour by two devout nuns. These Christian nuns had found Christ for themselves through the reading of the Holy Bible.

Shortly after his conversion, he began to preach the Gospel with power in his own parish. Souls were saved under his instruction and influence, but opposition arose and eventually he was excommunicated by Rome.

Many of those who had found peace through his ministry, left with him and gathered in a simple manner around the Word of God.

A Russian Commissar was sent to investigate. In order that the new group be registered, the Commissar asked Mr. Zebrowski the name of the new sect that he had founded. “We have no name but Christian,” was his reply. “But,” said the Russian official, “all are Christians except the Jews.”

“We are only followers of the first Christians,” explained brother Zebrowski.” “That is a good name,” said the Russian, “A very good name.”

The result of this conversation was that the Christians who gather in simplicity in the name of the Lord Jesus in Warsaw are officially registered as “The Followers of the First Christians.”