Strength imparted

Strength imparted

Richard Burson

“He Would Put Strength In Me” (Job 23:6)

Job, before God, was a righteous man who hated evil. He was a man who realized his weakness in the performance of any good. That is why he said, “He (God) would put strength in me.”

Strength for Duties

The first reason why God strengthened Job was in order that he do his duty. It is not always easy to do the right thing, but God is willing to give the strength to do that which is proper. Actually, we are so weak that unless strengthened by His almighty power, we are unable to do what we should. Somehow our duty seldom appears glamorous. Generally speaking, that which is out of the routine appears easier and more natural than following the dictates of the Word of God as it enlightens our minds and our paths. Do not forget the maxim of Matthew Henry, “God’s commands are His enablings.” By this, he simply meant, If God puts a hill of difficulty across your path, He will also give you the strength to climb the hill. God is no hard taskmaster; with each command, He would give the strength to obey.

Strength for Suffering

God strengthened Job so he could suffer for Him. No one could endure suffering for the Lord Jesus were it not for the divine strength imparted. There is an account well worth reading in Fox’s Book of Martyrs of the death of two young Christians. Blandins was a mere girl and Ponticus a boy of only fifteen; yet, these two suffered horribly at the hands of their wicked tormentors. They, nevertheless, suffered so heroically for Christ that some of the spectators were converted to the Lord. Finally, both were killed and thrown to the lions. The outcome of their testimony was that one of their tormentors came to a knowledge of the truth, and eventually sealed his own testimony with his blood. The days of open persecutions could come again, if they do, let us remember this verse, “He would put strength in me.”

Strength for Temptation

Job received divine strength in such a manner that he refused to do wrong, A Christian has no real difficulty in distinguishing between right and wrong, but sometimes the Christian has difficulty in refusing the wrong and doing the right. God would put strength in him in order that he whole-heartedly embrace only the right.

This thing of grudgingly refusing the wrong, yet all the time eyeing it hungrily, is no refusal at all. I once knew a boy in High School who refused to go to a school dance, but who sat at home all evening wishing that he had. His refusal was not genuine; he was not acting upon Christian principles as led by the Holy Spirit. Had he really sought strength from the Lord, he likely would have forgotten all about the dance, and would have thoroughly enjoyed something else. Strong words of coercion are often the thin varnish over an avid desire to indulge. Some Christians, in their own strength, attempt to refuse to do the wrong, and they fail. Remember! “He would put strength in me.”

Strength for Conflict

God strengthened Job that he might have power for conflict equal to that of his enemy. The ruler of this present evil age is stronger than we. He is evil as well as strong. We cannot, we dare not, face him in our strength. We must receive an infusion of strength from another source, from some one else: “He would put strength in me.” When Satan attacks with all his might, we must remember the statement of Job, “He would put strength in me.” When all around seems to be swept away by the torrent of devilish machinations, let us remember: “He would put strength in me.”

Some may be saying, “Yes, but how do I get this strength?” God’s strength is made perfect in human weakness (2 Cor. 12:9). Let all cling to Him; trust Him. “Hope thou in God.” He never gives strength while we still feel that we can do something for ourselves. When He sees us utterly helpless, then we may be assured individually, “He would put strength in me.”

Remember! “When we were yet without strength, … Christ died.” God will work for each one if each comes to the place where he wants God to manifest His strength in personal human weakness.