Follow Up Work

Follow Up Work

Ernest B. Sprunt

It is not possible to report accurately what follow up methods should be used after a special campaign among children. This is one phase of the work that is very important, however.

Those who have come regularly during the two weeks should be invited orally and by letter to come to the Sunday School. The attendance cards should be distributed among the teachers so they may personally visit the children who would be in the age group of their classes.

In this way, Sunday School attendance may be increased considerably, and often parents are encouraged to come to the Gospel meetings too. Even more important, the teacher is able to follow up the spiritual impressions made on the young hearts and may have the joy of winning some for the Lord.

Let us ever remember that the soul of a child is of no less value than that of an adult. The Saviour said, “Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones” (Matt. 18:10).