Editorial: The Cover

FFF 7:4 (Apr 1961)

Editorial: The Cover

J. Boyd Nicholson

The cover of this volume pictured a lighthouse beside the water.

It cost much to build that beacon on the harbour wall, but it was well worth it. As daylight faded and night came, or when the waves were whipped into furious foam by a storm, the gloom would be pierced by the shaft of the beacon’s light. It scoured the sea incessantly as though longing to sweep the troubled mariners into the outstretched arms of the harbour.

This day however, something is wrong. The tension of a gathering storm spreads like a sinister mantle across the rising waters; but where is the light? Why is it not beckoning the vessels home? Why no finger of light to point the way? Is there no power? Is the mechanism broken? Has there been carlessness somewhere?

How about it brother? Sister? Is it not a fact that your Lord and Master has left instructions that the light of your testimony must never be quenched? Was it not a very costly thing for Him to make it possible for you to be a light in the gathering gloom? Is it not so that all the power you’ll ever need to shine is available and that the Source of Power has never been known to fail — nor can it ever fail.

It IS getting dark. The storm IS coming. There ARE travellers out there on that fitful sea of life. Yes, some are careless, some are thoughtless, but there are some anxiously looking for the entrance to the Harbour of Safety, the Shelter in the time of storm. They are looking for the way … but the light is OUT!

The Captain of Salvation has given His command, for He knows what it is like to be in a storm. He knows the terrors of being alone in the darkness…in the deep. He knows the agony of soul and body when the waters compassed Him about and all the waves and billows went over Him and He went down to the bottom. His voice mingles compassion and great urgency as He cries out with penetrating power to you brother, sister, young or old. To you He calls, whose light of testimony is dim or well nigh extinguished. For the sake of poor perishing souls, your fellow travellers to Eternity, and for the glory of God … “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify God.”

Back to the power-house, down on your knees,
Back to the Bible, your Master to please.
Back to the days when your shining was bright,
The billows toss high, too soon ‘twill be night.
Sinners, they tremble and call out in fright
Send out the light — Send out the light. —J.B.N.