Editorial: The Cover

FFF 7:2 (Feb 1961)

Editorial: The Cover

J. Boyd Nicholson

The cover of this volume pictured a hand holding a silver dollar.

Wonder where that silver dollar will be when the elements shall melt with fervent heat and the earth and its works consigned to the fiery flame.

I wonder what it will have bought by then. A little food for a hungry body, a magazine, a ticket for the show, a pack of cigarettes? A Bible, some tracts? Bandages for the missionary doctor in the Congo or some penecillin to combat that old native’s disease? One dollar to be invested either in “this present world” or in “the world to come”.

It is the symbol of materialism yet on its surface is inscribed a testimony to faith in God. Associated only with time, yet its perimeter is

As a Christian is it my master or my servant? Do I hold it lightly for God or does it hold me in its grasp.

Yes one day that dollar will be a part of that flaming ocean of the elements, the question burns within the soul today. Will its value also be endless. For it men slave that they may be free. A paradox in your pocket. burned up, or will it have gained eternal interest in heaven’s treasure store?