Christ To The Galatians

Christ To The Galatians


A survey of the doctrine of Christ in Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatia reveals that He is referred to directly some forty-five times. Christ was the remedy for the deception that had affected those churches. He is the corrective for every error, the solution to every problem, and the Guide in every difficulty.

HIS PERSON: The Deity of Christ is suggested in verse three of chapter one. God the Father acts with authority to appoint Paul an apostle; the Lord Jesus is seen to act with equal authority. God the Father is pictured as the source of every blessing; the Lord Jesus is similarly pictured as the source of every blessing of grace and peace. The plan of redemption is presented as being according to the will of God, and at the same time as being accomplished by the voluntary sacrifice of Christ. Consequently, the Lord Jesus must be equal to the Father in authority, power, and redemptive purpose; therefore, equal with Him in nature.

In verse nineteen of this same chapter, there is a family seen in which there are two brothers, James and the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit gives us a precious and homey picture of the humanity of our Lord Jesus in His words, “James the Lord’s brother”.

HIS RELATIONSHIP TO HIS OWN: Christ the believer’s life (1:22; 3:26-29). The phrase “in Christ” suggests the most intimate possible union. The believer is seen not joined to Christ, nor with Christ, but “in Christ”.

Christ the believer’s attire (3:27); Christ the believer’s Master (1:10; 6:17); Christ the believer’s Form (4:19); Christ the believer’s Legislator.