The Wonderful Book—The Bible

The Wonderful Book—The Bible

George Sharpe

Mr. George Sharpe is an American business man who keeps busy in the service of the Lord. This manuscript is from an address which he gave at a rally of young people in New Jersey. It is hoped that the blessing which accompanied the message when given orally may be experienced by those who read the article. — Ed.

The Bible is the most unique and wonderful Book in all the world. It reaches into every department of life with its divine revelation and instruction. It covers the entire scope of human affairs, delving authoritatively into any selected subject in the realm of science or in the more intimate study of domestic relationships. A brief survey of some of these should suffice to thrill the heart with the wonders of the Holy Book, and to increase our mental and spiritual appetites for its teachings. Let us consider what it has to say about some of the departments of science.


As we scan the field of science, we understand that it is less than two hundred years since brilliant minds concluded that, although it is not always visible, lightning always accompanies rain. When this conclusion was reached, Lord Kelvin, a true Christian as well as a scientist, remembered the Scripture concerning this, and addressing the Royal Society told it that man only recently had discovered that which had been revealed to the Psalmist 2500 years before, when he declared, “He maketh lightnings for the rain” (Psa. 135:7).


If we had lived in the early days of the fifteenth century, we, no doubt, would have subscribed to the popular belief that the earth was flat. It was thought then that if a vessel sailed far enough from land, it would drop off the edge of the world and be lost. However, some daring explorers proved the fallacy of this and discovered that the earth was round. This truth had been stated in the Bible many years before; Isaiah had written, “He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth” (Isa. 40:22).


The Bible draws a parallel relationship between the stars of the heaven and the sand of the sea (Gen. 22:17). This, for generations, seemed an irreconcilable statement, but with the invention of the telescope, man has found that there were, not as they supposed, only 5000 stars but millions upon millions. Each new and more
powerful lens that has been manufactured has brought into focus an endless eternity of heavenly bodies. The Word of God is truly the most wonderful Book in all the world!


Turning to the realm of psychology, we need not spend money for lectures and courses on how to influence others and get along well with our fellowmen. The Bible gives us the true guide to human behaviour. Our blessed Master taught this clearly when He said, “Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them” (Matt. 7:12). The Old Testament sets forth the basic principles of psychology for we read, “A man that hath friends must show himself friendly” (Prov. 18:24). Although we are familiar with these truths, frequently we do not live in the light of them, signifying by our attitude that the Bible is old-fashioned and not up-to-date. Consequently, we spend time, effort, and money in so-called up-to-date schemes and methods while the basis is in this Book which is old yet ever new.


History found in the Bible is most interesting. Furthermore, in it current events and prophecies are brought into proper relationship; the Word of God makes all three revolve around Israel, the nation of His choice. Israel’s past glory and power, her present status of being set aside but not cast off (Rom. 11:1), and her future restoration and glory form the axis around which the course of world events rotates.

Domestic Relationships

In this field we again find this wonderful Book called The Bible far above human writings in its wisdom and instruction. The care and discipline of children is discussed, “He that spareth his rod hateth his son” (Prov. 13:24).

Advice is given children as to their attitude to their parents, “Honour thy father and thy mother” (Exod. 20:12). The more intimate relationship of husband and wife is considered. The Apostle Paul enjoins “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave Himself for it” (Eph. 5:25).

We are also given instructions as to our attitude toward civil governments, “Be subject unto the higher powers” (Rom. 13:1). We are not in doubt as to our attitude toward our neighbours for Romans 12:17-21 speaks very plainly on that matter.

The foregoing are a few of the areas in which we find the Bible unique in its dogmatic revelation and authority. There is one other subject we shall discuss before concluding this discourse.


The Bible of all writings gives us the only reasonable account of the existence of man upon the earth. According to the information we have, Chas. Darwin repudiated in his later years his hypothesis of evolution; and, yet, some today are teaching this same unfounded theory couched in high-sounding language. It is strange and even diabolical that the educators in civilized countries who teach this theory are men of brilliant intellects. Nevertheless, they seek to propagate to an educated generation a doctrine that the heathen of Africa refuse. The theory of evolution, regardless of whatever title may be given it, is a direct insult to the mentality of the average human being. Common sense demands that a created being must have a Creator that is greater than the created. Stripping the theory of evolution of its trappings, the following is what we are asked to believe. In the eons of the indefinite past a protoplasm stirred itself in a great mass of slime, the slime that made up a large part of the earth. None of the exponents of this teaching bother themselves to explain where this cell derived the life required to begin stirring. This is the teaching in spite of the fact that science has not been able to create life. As the innumerable ages rolled by, this form of life developed under its movements and eventually became fish. More time rolled by, and because it came out of the watery element often enough and long enough, it found itself more at home on land than in the sea; hence, the lizard age. Since time seems to be the greatest commodity of these theorists, they suggest that millions of cycles more passed and during this period the lizard found that it would be easier to move in an erect position, and that it would facilitate matters to rid itself of the heavy armour-type protection it had assumed; therefore, with the development of a hairy exterior for warmth the anthropoid or monkey-type being appeared. Again they dismiss another liberal quantity of centuries during which the animal developed its mind and body to the highest peak; then by wearing off its appendage, and by rubbing off its shaggy exterior, and by dressing itself in conventional clothing, it emerged in our present day man.

In opposition to all this, we repeat, the Bible gives us the only reasonable account of man’s existence upon the earth. What a delight to turn to the Scriptures, and to read the truth of God’s Word that gives dignity to the human race, “in the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made He him” (Gen. 5:1). We also read, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). God’s handiwork reveals God’s character.

The Bible indeed is the most wonderful Book in all the world. It needs no defence; it defends itself and prevails against its enemies. Voltaire, the French atheist, boasted that within one hundred years of his time the Bible would be an extinct volume. Today not many know anything about that man, but the Bible is constantly the best seller. Moreover, it is printed in more than 1,000 languages and dialects. A printing press was installed and Bibles were published in the very building where Voltaire made his satanic declaration.

Although every avenue of learning which we might explore with the Bible is most interesting, instructive, and helpful, that is not the primary purpose of this inspired Book. The purpose of the Bible is to reveal man’s need in his sin, and to show God’s remedy for sin in the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus on Calvary’s cross. The purpose of the Book is to reveal Christ to us, to reveal God’s heart and mind and intention for His creatures, and to insure for them a passport to Heaven and a pathway of fellowship with Himself on their pilgrimage to the Celestial City.

May God give us the spiritual discernment to value this wonderful Book, and to emulate Him of whom it could be said, “His delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law doth He meditate day and night.” The necessity of the constant reading and the diligent study of the Bible can never be over emphasized.


“A text of Scripture to a true minister of the Word of God should be like a gate opening into the garden of the Lord. There are some who instead of opening the gate and leading their audience in to pluck the fruit and flowers, content themselves by getting on the gate and swinging to and fro.” — Pierson.

“Our life is like the dial of a clock. The hands are God’s hands passing over and over again. The short hand, the hand of discipline; the long hand, the hand of mercy. Slowly and surely the hand of discipline must pass, and God speaks at each stroke; but over and over the hand of mercy, showering down sixty fold of blessing for each stroke of discipline or trial; and both hands are fastened to one secure spot, the great unchanging heart of a God of love.”