Suggestion of the Month

Suggestion of the Month


Probably the best method for building up the attendance of any Sunday school is an aggressive, organized visitation campaign. This is likely the best method for maintaining attendance as well.

The attendance of one Sunday school was doubled within a couple of months simply through visitation. An announcement was first of all mailed out to the homes in the area, each envelope being personally addressed from a voter’s list. The announcement indicated that visitors would be calling around the district within the next few weeks.

Then, the district was divided into zones, with two or three persons assigned the responsibility for each zone. Visitors were instructed to take names, addresses, and ages of prospects who indicated a definite interest in attending Sunday school.

The reception of visitors was generally satisfactory, particularly where the parents connected the visit with the introductory letter, received some days before. Many of the children brought in through the campaign have continued coming to this particular school for a number of years.

The results of such a campaign cannot be taken for granted, however, for attendance is liable to decline gradually unless a determined effort is made to maintain close contact with each child and the home from which he comes. While each individual teacher can do much with his own class, an appointed Sunday school visitor who is free from the responsibility of a class can call even on the first day a scholar is absent. A very favourable impression can be made upon parents through such prompt action.