Mingled Glories

The divine and human glories of our blessed Lord are mingled and displayed in His name Jesus. By "mingled" we simply mean that the character of the Person of Christ is such that all that He is as God and as man is told out in His name and in His work. This will be clearly seen by considering the meaning of the name Jesus. As may be seen from Hebrews 4:8, Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua, or Jehoshua, which signifies "Jehovah is Salvation," or "whose salvation is Jehovah." There is therefore ample justification for the common observation that the name Jesus means Jehovah the Saviour.

      What a subject for contemplation and adoration is brought before our souls in this Child born into the world of lowly parentage in man's esteem, yet divinely declared to be Jesus, Jehovah the Saviour, "for He shall save His people from their sins" (Matthew 1:21). It is the miracle of miracles, and for that very reason the revelation of the heart of God, when looked back upon in the light of the purpose of His coming into the midst of men.