Conster - Nation

Last year there were hundreds of TV commercials offering
products to consumers with the seductive incentive “No payments until
next year.”  Well,  guess what?  It’s next year.  Home foreclosures
are not only up, fiscal reality has come down like a ton of bricks.  Past due
notices,  like gaping fissures in the earth are swallowing borrowers and
lenders alike.  Sink holes are opening on the floor of the stock exchange and
financial behemoths find themselves  sinking in the tar pits of their own

Satan has always been a predatory lender.  He will gladly
give you credit.   He will let you have what you want with “no money
down,”  and if you buy today, he will throw in a set of steak knives for
free.  Faust was a fool.  The pathetic figure of German legend makes a deal
with the devil.  The word “faust” comes from the Latin meaning
“lucky.”  America may have run out of luck.  She has been on a
credit card binge and now comes the hang-over.  She has maxed out her Master
Card and she is about to find out that Hedonism has a hard taskmaster. 
Hypocrisy is singing “
God Bless America,” while living as if there is
no God.  It is a “so called” Christian nation that is writing
checks “in faith” when there is no money in the bank.  We sent our
children off to study MONEY and get their MBA’s at MIT while the best
business advice could be had for free all along. 
The Bible says “Better
is a little with righteousness, than great revenues without right.” 
America was once a great nation.  Now we find a certain consternation.  We need
repentance more than rebates and the wish that America will rush out on another
spending spree. Like the prodigal that “spent all” we need to say
“Father I have sinned.”   Only repentance will make a Debtor Nation
a Better Nation.    Only then can we sing without being a hypocrite,

God,  Bless America.”   -id