Marvelous Grace

Marvelous Grace - from an audio message October 29, 2006 - Bill MacDonald

Romans Chapter 12:1-2. Jesus Christ Died For Us.

Oftentimes when we think of him we think of his humanity, don't we? But the Lord Jesus came down from heaven and took upon himself, upon God, something He never had before, that was humanity.

It is astounding really, astounding, nothing like it in the history of the universe.

But what really is astounding is that God in a body of flesh went to the cross of Calvary and died. That man hanging on the cross bound by nails feet and hands was God. Amazing! In fact I think it is a thought beyond all thought. Probably the greatest thought that has ever entered the human mind. True.

I tell you we're grappling with great truths when we come to the Word of God aren't we?

He didn't have to do it! He could have just brushed us off the table into Hell.

But in marvelous grace He decided to die for us anonymous nobodies, that's what we were.

We deserved eternal death. You know, the Lord Jesus was the only person in the universe who was qualified to be our Saviour.

He had to be God, he had to be man, He had to be willing.

The marvelous thing is that the God-man was willing to go to the cross and pour out his blood his life blood for you and for me. Wonderful wonderful Jesus. He paid too high a price. To vanquish for us every foe.

Consider these quotes by some great Saints: "You'll never appreciate Calvary, until it takes your breath away and becomes the most important thing in your life." And "From the beginning of time until now, and on into eternity, Calvary is the only thing that ever happened."

My friend, get yourself into that equation because He died for you, He died for me. The truth of what he did for us should leave us speechless, it strains the mind. Nothing could ever be as important as this.

Love so amazing so divine, demands our heart, our life, our all.

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