A Woman's Hair.

A serious thing is the cutting and shingling of a woman’s hair, that which God declares is her glory (1 Cor. 11:15), and was given her for a covering (verse 15), and as the sign of her husband’s authority (verse 10, see Scofield Bible). Of course the worldly woman is determined not to follow Bible ideas, and laughs at the very thought of restricting the cutting of her hair. But shall a Christian woman, knowing that to have short hair is a shame to her (1 Cor. 11:6), and knowing why the long hair was given her by God; shall she go and have it cut? To put aside the Word of God so that she may follow the ways of the world which “lieth in the evil one” (1 John 5:19, R.V.), is a serious offence, though some may have acted without sufficient thought of wrong.

In drawing the attention of Christian sisters to this thing, it is not done in a carping spirit; but because the teaching of Scripture is as clear thereon as can be, and because so little attention is given to it in public ministry. Many transgress for lack of knowledge, and this shows the need for wise and gracious exposition of the Word by elder brethren that may prevent sheep and lambs of the flock being shorn; and may lead in instances where the hair has already been cut, to it being let to grow again. All truth is to be ministered in its due season, without partiality, in view of the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Let all concerned “suffer the word of exhortation” (Heb. 13:22), and not thrust aside what may feel disagreeable. Did we but realise what is the present trend of things in the world, as God sees, how careful would we be to show our obedience to His holy will in all things!