Reflections on the Virginia Tech Tragedy of April 16, 2007

years later I remember exactly where I was on November 22, 1963 when President
Kennedy was assassinated.  No doubt everyone alive on that date
remembers when and where they heard the awful news. We all probably have a list
of events, both joyful and sad, which are lodged in our minds and which we will
not forget. Sadly, we can now add April 16, 2007 to the list.

On this day students at Virginia Tech
University in Blacksburg, VA went to their classes never expecting that their
lives would quickly and cruelly come to an end. A young man had an
argument with his girlfriend, and then killed her and another student. Two
hours later, obviously enraged, he entered another building and began to
slaughter any who happened to come across his path.  Some were killed instantly, while others
narrowly missed death by seconds or inches. After 32 students and faculty were
killed, and many others injured, the killer took his own life. This traumatic
day will be remembered, and many will have their lives permanently impacted by
the events of this day.

Certainly, our thoughts go out to those
directly impacted by the horrible events of the day. We lack the words to
express to parents who lost a young child in such an unsuspecting way. Unless
we have experienced a similar tragedy, we just can’t feel what they feel, but
nevertheless we sense to some degree their sorrow, and our hearts go out to

One lesson that is clear from this sad
day, and this has been clearly stated by those directly involved, is that we
never know when our life may come to an end. It will probably not be in such a
tragic manner, but whatever the cause, life quickly ends for many totally
unaware that their time in this life is about to end. It was true for President
Kennedy and for many, many others before and after him. Alive one moment, and
gone the next.

The knowledge of this truth ought to
make us think about where we would go when we pass off this scene, whether old
or young. In that split second when our earthly life ends and we enter the
eternal state, where will we be? The Bible speaks of coming judgment for some,
and eternal bliss for others. What will determine where we arrive? The Bible
states that it will be our relationship with Jesus Christ which will be the
determining factor. Not our religion, or our religious efforts, but what
relationship we have with Him. Whether we know Him as our personal Savior, and
not merely a historical figure that happened to change history. May every
reader be encouraged to search the Scriptures, perhaps starting with the Gospel
of John, to see how they can be sure that when the last moment comes, however
it comes, they will pass into His presence.  

Steve Hulshizer


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever

believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.   John 3:16