Anything For a Profit

Yesterday I received a newspaper-like flyer from a discount Christian book company. I had known for some time that Christian books and music are a very large commercial business for many. This was made very clear some years ago when a large secular recording company bought out a “Christian” recording firm. Of course they would only do this if it was a profitable business.

Unfortunately, many who publish solid material for Christians who really have a desire for the milk of the Word are struggling these days. It is far easier to sell shallow material from well known authors and psychologists than it is to sell books that actually teach the Word of God.

A review of the books offered in the advertisement provided a clear explanation of why the church is so shallow and so unscriptural in many ways. If this is what the saints are spending their time reading then we need look no further for the cause of our current condition. The following are just a few of the descriptions of the books or music being offered.

”...’s tour brought together Christian music’s finest artists for a concert celebration of Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection. Now go behind the scenes with one-on-one interviews and never-seen before concert photos.

'You can have something better, even if it takes a miracle,’ says best-selling author…. This book has changed hundred of thousands of lives, and it can change yours! He’ll show you 10 attitudes that hinder success, 9 biblical principals for prosperity, and ways to overcome any problem.”

This list could go on and on, but these examples give a flavor of the reading material presented for sale. Sadly, many Christians are spending their time and money on this type of material. This being true there can be no doubt in our minds why there is such little Bible knowledge among many saints today.

Another example of this “make a profit” mentality can be seen in the fact that they promote books side by side that are in complete disagreement with one another. They do not care which view you take, just so you buy a book. The promotion of one book states, “Unemployment, inflation, the national budget out of control-an economic upheaval is inevitable. Well known Christian financial analyst … offers sound advice on the state of the economy, how inflation will affect you, and what you must do to survive an economic earthquake.” Now there is nothing here that is disconcerting, but on the same page is another book which is described as follows. “Is an economic earthquake imminent? Dr…. is the only financial expert to say no! His Bible-based perspective about the future of the U.S. economy refutes the doomsday money myths and gives an alternative view for consideration.” Now I am not saying which author is right, but it is clear to me that the sellers of these books do not really care who is right as long as they can sell books.

However, the most critical piece of evidence which shows the mercenary objectives of the book sellers was on the very first page. There, with a brightly colored block which said “Save $10,” was Robert Hicks’ book, The Masculine Journey. Upon seeing this book being promoted I wrote to the book company and requested that my name be taken off their mailing list. This book, which was widely distributed at Promise Keepers (PK), and which PK has refused to condemn, promotes many strange views and often directs men deeper and deeper within themselves. Speaking of teens having their first experience with the police, or their first drunk, or their first experience with sex or drugs, he suggests that “true elders could come forward and confess their own adolescent sins and congratulate the next generation for being human.” This is pure intellectual garbage! It is certainly not Biblical and certainly will not build up the saints and the church.

However, most importantly this book blasphemes the person of Christ. Without going into the ugly details, Hicks, referring to the movie The Last Temptation of Christ, states concerning Jesus, He “may have thought about it as the movie … portrays.” (pg. 181)-referring to Jesus thinking about having sexual relations with a woman! Hicks also suggests that Jesus had to overcome homosexual desires.

Why would anyone claiming to be a “Christian” book seller sell such books? Because they will sell “anything for a profit.” Sadly, Christians buy it too!