It is Hard to Believe

It is hard to
believe, but it is true. There are men, many of them very brilliant,
who actually believe that man is the result of some gaseous explosion
and billions of years of evolution. Not only is there no evidence of
evolution at the moment-or in the past for that matter-but there are
great holes in what evidence men do claim to have in support of
evolution. In truth it takes more faith to believe the theories of men
concerning man's origin, than it does to believe the Biblical account
of creation.

Think of the
human body. Could such a complex mechanism or system evolve out of a
lower form of life? Hardly. We see no such thing in this fallen world,
but rather we see things decline and decay without some outside force
to preserve them.

The Bible tells
us that God knows the number of hairs on our head. (Matt. 10:30)
According to an article in Life Magazine, 125,000 hairs grow in the
scalp, with 45 of them being lost each day. Each follicle is able to
produce over 30 feet of hair in a life time.

The human
heart, which has no external energy source, pumps 2, 100 gallons of
blood through 62,000 miles of blood vessels each day. In an average
lifetime this is enough blood to fill the fuel tanks of 56 moon

8,000,000 red
blood cells are produced in bone marrow every second. Forty-five miles
of nerves send impulses as fast as 325 miles per hour.

The three pound
human brain stores 100 trillion bits of information over 70 years. This
is equal to 500,000 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The lungs
breathe one pint of air seventeen times per minute, or 78 million
gallons in an average life span. This is enough air to fill the
Hindenburg airship one and a half times.

An average
person will take one billion steps in his life and walk about 77,000
miles, landing on the 26 bones of each foot with a force triple his
body weight.

While these
statistics are overwhelming, they say nothing about the intricate
systems which operate within the human body. Systems that would make
any system designer's head spin.

Why is it that
men strive so hard to prove that man evolved from some lower form of
life? One obvious answer is that of spiritual darkness. The Bible tells
us the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. (Prov. 1:7) Thus when
man leaves God out of his thinking, darkness results and all of man's
reasonings are built on a poor foundation-there is no God!

In eliminating
God, man, at least in his own mind, eliminates a higher being to whom
he is accountable. Man is thus free to do as he chooses. This explains
why with the increasing belief in man's theory of evolution there comes
a corresponding decay in the moral fiber of society. Perhaps this is no
where more evident than in the United States.

Evolution also
makes man simply an animal-the highest order of animal, but an animal
nevertheless. This, of course, makes life cheap. Is it any wonder why
such things as abortion and murder abound in such an environment.
Strangely, many humans have a greater concern for saving an animal's
life than they do for saving the life of a human being. Great effort
and expense is made to save whales, seals, owls, and even mice, while
at the same time the slaughter of human beings goes on. Such is the
darkness and con fused thinking that come from the failure to
acknowledge God and His creation.

The Bible tells
us that a young child who by faith believes the Biblical account of
creation knows far more about how the worlds were framed than the
greatest scientist who rejects God and His Word. "Through faith we
understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God...." (Heb.
11:3) Despite all their scientific equipment and all their years of
schooling, men who leave God out of their thinking are foolish and
ignorant with respect to creation.

Men also
substitute theory for fact. They state with certainty that the earth is
millions of years old. At museums school children are told that certain
animals are millions of years old. Many times the age is stated so
precisely; such as, 232 million years old. These statements are made as
if men had proof for such facts and figures, when in fact they are
simple opinions and estimates, or better yet, "guesstimates" based on
man's theories.

As Christians
we can have confidence in God's Word, and despite what men, even
brilliant men, say, we know that "in the beginning God created the
heaven and the earth." (Gen. 1:1) However, we must teach our children
this truth, since many of them will be told otherwise by men of this
world. *