From Gaza to Glory (Acts 8)

 “From Gaza to Glory”


Acts 8:26-40


Here is an exciting account of the salvation of a man who while traveling on the road to Gaza became a traveler on the road to Glory.

1.  The Worth of A Soul (v.26)

God sent His servant Philip into the desert for the sake of one individual whose heart had been prepared by the Lord.


2. The Witness of A Servant  (vv. 27-30)

Philip unlike Jonah “arose and went” in prompt obedience to the Lord. Leaving the success of a fruitful ministry in the north, Philip ventured into the isolated wilderness and quickly drew near the eunuch, unconcerned about this man’s great authority and aware of the brief window of opportunity to reach this man with the Gospel. Unashamedly, he engaged the eunuch in spiritual conversation asking him a question that exposed his ignorance and opened the door of opportunity to witness. Not silent, Philip preached Jesus to him as he done to the crowds in Samaria. (v. 5) Philip — good in personal and mass evangelism alike.


3. The Way of Salvation (vv. 31-35)

Through the witness of the Word and the faithful witness of the worker, the Spirit of God begins to probe the heart and conscience of this seeker. Though interested, he is ignorant and invites the wilderness preacher into his chariot for a discussion. God is using His Word to reveal the Person of Christ to this man who though he had just been in Jerusalem had not found the answers in formalized religion.      


4. The Work of the Spirit (vv.36-40)

Having learned about the Lord, the eunuch evidences the reality of a changed life by requesting to be baptized and take a stand for Christ in the presence of the entire company. After coming out of the water, the Lord leads his faithful servant to another location -- Azotus, the ancient Philistine city of Ashdod to bring the Gospel to the lost in that area. The eunuch goes on his way rejoicing – a clear demonstration of the joy of the Lord and fruit of the Spirit. (Gal.5:22-23)


Lessons: Are we like Philip - willing to leave our own interests and concerns (and successes) behind, sacrificing personal comfort for the sake of one who need the Lord?  How quick are we to run to the task and speak for the Lord?

Mark Kolchin 4/23/03