Numerical Significance:

1 Exclusion of
difference, sufficiency, power, omnipotence, independence, perpetual, eternal,
identity, concord, peace, congruity, harmony, sovereignty, election, promise,
grace, birth

2 Difference, division, addition, growth, increase, competent
testimony, seconding, salvation, relationship, service, dependence,
contradiction, seed, separation, death

3 Cubic measure, solidity,
fullness, trinity, actuality, manifestation, sanctification, spirit,

4 Weakness, testing, trial, failure, experience, number of the

5 God in Government, responsibility,

6 Manifestation of evil,
or of the enemy's work, work day week

7 Perfection, rest, completes the

8 New beginning,

7 The Christ life developed in full
"image" (37:2-50:26)

1 God's council and man's rebellion . (37:2-36)

Visions of supremacy.(37:2-11)

2 Separated from his brethren.(37:12-36)

2 Judah's separation from his brethren and humiliation.(38:1-30)

1 Tamar's

2 Tamar's deception.(38:12-23)

3 The manifestation.

3 Zanhnath-paaneah, "the Revealer of

1 Unchanging integrity.(39:1-23)

1 Ruler in his
master's house.(39:1-6)

2 The assault of sin and the

3 His exaltation in prison.(39:13-23)

2 Joseph in
prison the interpreter of life and death.(40:1-23)

3 A man in whom the
spirit of life is.(41:1-52)

1 The king's dream.(41:1-7)

2 The

3 Raised from the dungeon to the

4 The days of famine.(41:53-47:27)

1 The first
decent of his brethren into Egypt and call to repentance.(41:53-42)

Joseph the sole resource.(41:53-57)

2 His Brethren come for

3 Manifested to themselves.(42:6-24)

4 Continued

2 The Second descent: Joseph their

1 Benjamin sent.(43:1-14)


3 With Joseph.(43:26-34)

4 New trial.(44:1-17)

5 Judah's plea: the end reached at last.(44:18-34)

6 Joseph's

7 The consummations.(45:16-28)

3 Israel Dwelling in

1 The call and Blessing of God.(46:1-7)

2 The
increase of Jacob.(46:8-27)

3 Settling in the land.(46:28-47:12)

4 The
land reduced under Pharaoh.(47:13-27)

5 The moral conclusion: the end
as a way.(47:28-49:27)

1 Survival in death.(47:28-31)

2 The double
portion of Joseph.(48:1-22)

1 The birthright made over to him.(48:1-7)

2 Manasseh and Ephraim: spiritual increase.(48:8-20)

3 Joseph;s portion in
the land.(48:21-22)

3 The portion of the tribes.(49:1-27)

1 The son's
of Leah: the nation under the first covenant.(49:1-14)

1 The first-born
losses the primacy.(49:1-4)

2 Confederacy and violence remedied by

3 Judah's exaltation: the spirit of praise.(49:8-12)

4 Israel turning to the Gentile world.(49:13)

5 Under the yolk on

2 The children of the bondmaids. Deliverance at the
lowest point of humiliation and distress under antichrist. (49:16-21)

Self government again in Isreal, but the reign of the willful

2 Conflict and deliverance.(49:19)

3 Enjoyment of their
portion in the land.(49:20)

4 Practical condition.(49:21)

3 Rachel:
seed of the barren wife. Manifestation of God in Christ for his people.

1 Abiding power and grace: the blessing of the

2 The Destruction of the enemies.(49:27)

6 The
final victory of life over death, and of God over evil.(49:28-50:26)

1 Life
unchanged by death.(49:28-50:14)

2 Joseph with his brethren.(50:15-26)

1 Unchanging grace and divine sovereignty in good.(50:15-21)

2 A witness in
death. Bearing about in the body of the dying Jesus. (50:21-26)

(From the Numerical Bible by F. W. Grant)