A Blurry World

We live in a blurry world. A world in which distinctions are no longer
clear. In fact, to even make distinctions is considered improper, and
in some cases illegal.

It began with “unisex” clothing in which there was no distinction made
between how men and women dressed. Now the distinction between the
sexes has reached the point where homosexuality is an accepted life
style.  A life style in which two people of the same sex are
viewed as a couple and want the same rights as a man and woman who are
married. Sadly, our children are growing up in a world where the
distinction between the sexes is blurred.

It is true with religion as well. The new age movement has made an
attempt to blur the distinctions between all religions.  All
religions lead to God, there is no difference. Even students in one of
the country’s largest “Christian” colleges see no distinction between
evangelical Christianity and other so-called “Christian” religions
around us.

It is true when it comes to the church as well. Many saints in our
local assemblies see no difference between a local assembly which
attempts to follow the New Testament principles and pattern, and a
church that ignores such truth. To make a distinction as to how a group
of Christians function at the corporate level is legalistic and
narrow-minded. The distinctions have been blurred and minimized.

The blurring of distinctions can be found in many other areas as well.
The roles of husbands and wives. In some homes even the distinction
between parents and children is blurred when it comes to authority.

May God give us the grace, wisdom, and spiritual strength to make Scriptural distinctions clear.