Eternally Secure

One of the ways my library
has been built has been through gifts of various people. As older people begin
to thin out their libraries, I have been the happy recipient of some very good
books. At least I presume them to be good books, for in reality I have not read
all of them. Some of these volumes "sleep" on my shelves for months or years
until by some prompting I get them down and read them.

A few weeks ago, I received
a note saying that a book had just been reprinted that had been a source of
real encouragement to the note-writer. I found I had an old copy of this book
on my shelves that I had never read--so with this prompting I took it down and
began to peruse its contents. What a treat was mine and how vital a subject

The book is entitled Shall
Never Perish by J.F. Strombeck. The subject is the eternal security of the believer.
In every age, Satan attempts to undermine the doctrines of salvation. The pure,
simple, gospel of the Lord Jesus is constantly under attack, and needs to be
constantly proclaimed in all its glory by each of us. One of the more prevalent,
and fatal doctrines to the grand salvation we preach is the doctrine that says
we can lose our salvation. It is a doctrine that causes Christians to live in
fear and depression robbing them of the joy of their salvation. This in turn
stifles their growth and maturity as a believer and brings dishonor on the person
and work of Christ. In this book Strombeck defines eternal security and then,
in a thorough study, demonstrates how this doctrine is necessary to a correct
view of the person and work of Christ. By denying eternal security, one must
deny the words of Christ, the efficacy of the death and blood of Christ, the
office of the Holy Spirit, the present ministry of Christ, and the reality of
the new birth. In the third section, he deals with a common objection to the
doctrine of eternal security. Many feel that to teach eternal security you will
encourage a recklessness toward godly living. Mr. Strombeck argues from Scripture
that in fact the opposite is true. The great admonitions to holy living are
preceded with assurances of our standing in the grace of God. Finally he deals
with some misunderstood passages and commonly misinterpreted passages regarding
this issue. Lewis Sperry Chafer wrote, "I know of nothing in print more exhaustive,
direct, concise, simple, or conclusive on the subject of the eternal security
of the believer than the book Shall Never Perish by J.F. Strombeck." I tend
to agree with him.

A companion book to read
along the same lines is Disciplined by Grace by the same author. This
is essentially an exposition of Titus 2:11-13. The grace of God teaches us.
I liked his definition of grace. He wrote, "Grace, then, is God's provision
to bring into being, sustain, and perfect His new creation in Christ Jesus.
It is the operation of His infinite love on behalf of such as are worthy of
everlasting punishment. This outpouring of God's infinite love is possible only
because Jesus Christ, by His death, fully satisfied all the demands of God's
justice. As grace came by Jesus Christ, only those who receive Him are under
grace." The rest of the book explains that definition. It is clearly demonstrated
that since we can be assured of God's unending love and mercy we will be properly
motivated to service for Him and the earnest anticipation of His coming is the
blessed hope of the believer and his prod to holy living. Because He loves us,
He disciplines us. This causes fruit unto righteousness without which no one
sees the Lord. This is a rich and practical treatment of a much neglected subject.
It is a delightful book well worth reading.

Kregel has reprinted both
of these and they can be purchased from them, from Gospel Folio, or from your
favorite Christian bookstore.

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