Six Statements of Suffering

There are at least six statements which present a different facet of our Savior’s suffering in the garden. The strongest words in the Greek language are used to describe this anguish.

(1) He became “exceedingly sorrowful.” He was in the winepress.

(2) “He began to be sorely amazed.” He was stunned - astonished. As He saw the ingredients of the terrible cup that was being prepared for Him, He was dazed and overwhelmed.

(3) “He began to be very heavy.” Sorely troubled.

(4) “He was exceedingly sorrowful unto death.” It was an unfathomable depth of anguish and sorrow.

(5) “He was in agony” or conflict, “and He prayed more earnestly.” “He prayed with strong crying and tears.” The powers of darkness closed in upon Him.

(6) His sweat was, as it were, like great drops of blood falling down to the ground. Instead of His blood rushing to help His breaking heart, it forced its way through His pores.