Touchy or Sensitive?

When speaking of Syntyche, one of the two sisters Paul encourages to be
of the same mind (Phil. 4:2), it is not uncommon to hear her referred to as “soon
touchy.” Sadly, there are many “touchy” saints. They often have severe
reactions to the slightest criticism, many times reading more into a statement by a
brother or sister than was ever intended. They often misunderstand what is said, or why
something is said. They are easily offended, and it is not uncommon for them to threaten
to leave the assembly over the slightest matter. In some cases they simply walk off from
the assembly without ever saying a word, only to appear in another assembly where the
whole scenario is often repeated.

While there are many touchy saints, there are too few sensitive ones.
Those who are not concerned about themselves, but rather for other saints. Long before
others are aware, they sense when others are discouraged or are drifting away from the
Lord’s things. They catch the little deflections in the voice, or the little
expressions of pain, while others are too busy to notice. Interestingly, we rarely find
sensitive saints who are touchy. They are too concerned about others to be overtaken with

Bringing it down to a personal level, what type of saints are we? Are
we always complaining and wallowing in self-pity, or are we so sensitive to the needs of
others that we are insensitive to those little hurts that may come our way? May we all be
less touchy, and more sensitive to the needs of others. (Phil. 2:3–5)