The Sun Also Rises

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon sees the continual rising and setting of the sun
as another demonstration that life and its labors are futile (Eccl. 1:5). The sun just
keeps doing the same thing, going around in a circle, never getting anywhere. Yet this
very same fact, the sun’s continual rising and setting, was used of the LORD in
testifying that His promise to David, Solomon’s father, was sure. “Once have I
sworn by my holiness; I will not lie unto David: His seed shall endure forever, and his
throne as the sun before me; It shall be established forever as the moon, and the witness
in the sky is firm.” (Psalm 89:35-37 JND) Thus, the very same constancy of the sun is
used of God to illustrate the certainty of David’s seed and throne being
established.Solomon ought to have seen the sun as a witness to the LORD’s promise to
establish the very seed of his father and the very throne upon which he sat (he being
“the Son of David, king in Jerusalem”- Eccl. 1:1). In fact, at one time he had
testified that his being king was in fulfillment of this very same promise to David, for
he was David’s seed on David’s throne (1 Kings 8:20). Yet now he looks at the
sun as a witness that there is no purpose to life and its labors!

How sad it is when a man loses sight of the LORD’s purposes and
himself as part of them, and instead spends his energy seeking to find profit and
satisfaction in his own plans and works here on earth! May we learn from Solomon’s
mistake, for we have been included in even greater purposes than those of which Solomon
was made part (Eph. 1-3).