Judas also, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus ofttimes
resorted thither with his disciples.
(John 18:2)

Being deceived is a terrible experience. Being led to believe something
is true, when in fact it is false, can be very hurtful. Nowhere is this more true then
when it comes to salvation. For a person to believe he is saved, when in fact he is not,
is very sad.

Judas traveled with Jesus for three years or so. He saw all the
miracles and sat under Jesus’s teachings all that time. He was even the trusted
treasurer of the small band.

He knew all the right phrases. He was familiar with the jargon.
He even preached and healed (Matt.10:1,4, 7).

He knew all the right people. He traveled with the Messiah and
kept company with Peter and John, and the others.

He knew all the right places. He knew the temple and was
familiar with Gethsemane where no doubt he listened to Jesus teach a number of times.

Despite knowing all the right phrases, people, and places, Judas did not know Christ.
How sad to think there are those like Judas sitting in church pews today.