An Important Notice to Our Readers

MIF 21:4 (July-Sept 1989)

An Important Notice to Our Readers

The committee members of “FOOD FOR THE FLOCK INC.” have made a difficult but definite decision to cease publication of the magazine at the close of 1989. Two main reasons have led to this decision: (1) declining subscriptions; and (2) deficit spending.

The July-August issue will be extended to cover July-September, and the September-October issue will be extended to cover October-December. This will enable us to save the cost of printing and mailing one issue. Even by taking this step there will be indebtedness for which we as a committee must assume responsibility. Looking back over the years, we are exceedingly grateful to our faithful God for His provision, enabling us by the end of this year to complete 35 years of continuous publication. We express our further gratitude to all of the Lord’s people—past and present—who have encouraged us by their prayers, kind words, and gifts.

The final Annual Meeting of “FOOD FOR THE FLOCK” committee members is scheduled for October 28, 1989, in Toronto. If, between now and that date, any of our readers have questions or comments regarding our decision to cease publication of the magazine, we would be happy to hear from you.

We apologize to our readers for the frequent lateness of the magazine over the past couple of years, especially the March-April 1989 issue. For me personally this has been a source of recurring frustration, but through it all it’s to be hoped that I’ve developed in my own life a little more of the virtue of patience. The simplest and briefest way I can explain things is to state that full responsibility for this nagging problem is attributable to Midland Printers, and not to the editor or any other committee members.

W. Ross Rainey, Editor