Rest A While

Rest A While

Leslie Rainey

Mark 6:31

In the service of Christ today it is essential that we learn the art of coming apart before we fall apart. The Lord provides working places as well as resting places. If our lives are to be bright, our labours fruitful, and the tasks before us conducted in the joy of God, then we must be “fit for the Master’s use.” How lovely to behold a busy life for God, yet balanced by wise discretion in the care of the spirit, soul and body. Far too often workers in the vineyard over-strain, over-tax, and finally undermine their health so that their usefulness for God is greatly hindered.

Our Lord has graciously revealed His mind and deep concern for all who serve. It is a much needed exhortation and divine call to all who are engaged in any work for Christ. Life moves on in high gear and the pressure of meetings, rallies, committees, socials and teas, tends to rob us of that quality of service that is approved by God and acceptable to men. Can something be done? Yes! In the life of our Lord He gives specific instructions for His disciples.

1. Christ was interested in a complete change for all who serve.

This still applies to all who are engaged in the needs of a lost dying world. Christ bids us “come apart” for renewal, for recuperation, for recreation.

2. Christ knew the value of a spiritual retreat.

The desert place was necessary for Moses, Elijah, Paul and more so for the saints of the twentieth century. There is an urgent need for taking time out for quiet reflection, private meditation, and serious consideration in view of the brevity of time and desperate need of the age.

3. Christ believed in times of leisure, for the indefatigable worker soon breaks down.

Even in a time of relaxation there can be profit from the spiritual as well as the natural. All work and no play makes life monotonous and colorless.

4. Christ well understood that our frame was made of dust, not Cast iron.

Many had no time for even eating and so He points the way to a beautiful and purposeful life. To follow His plan and adopt His methods leads to continual renewal and holy zeal pressing on from faith to faith, and from strength to strength, and later on to praise, honor, and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.