Convenient Religion

Convenient Religion

Donald L. Norbie

Mr. Donald L. Norte of Greeley, Colorado, a frequent contributor to “Food for the Flock” magazine, serves the Lord In assembly building and student work.

David is told by the prophet Gad to build an altar to the Lord and to sacrifice. Araunah meets the king, bows low and humbly offers to give him the threshing floor and his oxen for sacrifice. David’s response has echoed down through the centuries, “Nay, but I will verily buy it of thee at a price; neither will I offer burnt-offerings unto the Lord my God which cost me nothing” (2 Sam. 24:24) .

“Which cost me nothing?” Do you mean, David, that you feel worship to God should be costly?

There are convenience stores today and much religion is of the convenience variety. Even true Christians slide into this comfortable way of thinking. If stores cater to the convenience of the customer, why not churches? Should not the convenience of members have top priority? Church should be made as comfortable an experience as possible.

This is seen in our church buildings. Often the most ornate, luxurious buildings in a city are its church buildings. Here the members may relax through a service in perfect comfort with every sense delighted. Do not disturb their ease with stories of lost souls going to hell and starving millions. Their comfort is all for the glory of God.

Since this is the television age, and people are visually orientated, there should be less preaching and teaching of the Word and more movies and musical groups. This is what will draw the people and build crowds. In this way more people will be reached.

Since in most cases both husband and wife work, churches should be realistic and cancel mid-week meetings. Most will not come anyway. Let people pray at home if they wish and do not suggest any extra evangelistic or teaching meetings. People will not come. It is not convenient for them.

Because some of the best TV programs are on Sunday night churches may as well cancel Sunday night meetings. It is not convenient for people to come out and miss these excellent programs.

During the summer months most meetings should be cancelled. People will be at the beaches or mountains and one needs to consider the convenience of people. After all people need rest and relaxation.

What is our religion? Convenient or costly? And what will the Lord Himself say as He reviews believers’ lives? His whole life was one of costly service and His death the supreme sacrifice (Mark 10:45). Looking at Him can we be satisfied with a “convenient” religion?