Helpful Notes

MIF 14:5 (Sept-Oct 1982)

Helpful Notes


NEVER give the least quarter to persons who deny the inspiration of the Bible or any fundamental doctrine. No quarter to the enemy. No surrender of the truth. To all such be firm; to leaders, unyielding; to followers, compassionate (Jude 22, 23).

The great element of success is enthusiasm, but in divine matters it must be enthusiasm created in the soul by the Holy Ghost. He it is who on earth directs all for the glory of Christ. He it is who fixes the affections on Christ, and who burns in upon the soul — eternal realities. Those are the men who turn the world upside down.

CULTIVATE largeness of heart and breadth of thought, such as will overlap ecclesiastical barriers, dwelling upon all that is morally good and excellent wherever found; yet on no account abnegate your scriptural position, nor in the least degree compromise the claims and truth of God.

OUR sins are forgotten (Heb. 10:17). Our tears are bottled (Ps. 56:8). Our words are recorded (Mal. 3:16). Our hairs are numbered (Luke 12:7). Our need is known (Matt. 6:32). Israel’s God is ours. His infinite care and omnipotent strength are enough for life’s journey.

ONE loving act — the outcome of pure affection to Christ, and the simple desire to please him — is worth all the talk of all the clever, clear-headed doctrinal people. Combine the practical side of Christianity (James 1) with the doctrinal (Rom. 8), and you produce a man who serves his generation.

—Walter Scott