James G McCarthy

First Name
James G.
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Jim McCarthy grew up in
San Francisco, California, having been raised by devout
Roman Catholic parents who immigrated to the United States
from Ireland. A product of the Catholic parochial school
system, he later obtained degrees in electrical
engineering and broadcasting. Jim and his wife, Jean, came
to Christ in their early twenties through a home Bible
study sponsored by a small nondenominational church.

found it difficult to leave the Catholic Church.
During the two years following his conversion, he did
extensive studies in Catholic theology. Once convinced
that the teachings of Rome could not be reconciled with
Scripture, he left the Church.

In 1981 Jim help found
the ministry of Good News for Catholics, Inc., to educate
Christians about Catholicism and to bring the gospel to
the Catholic people. Since then he has produced numerous
products to help Catholics. He is the producer and
director of the popular video
Catholicism Crisis of Faith
and the author of The
Gospel According to Rome
, a fully documented
analysis of Roman Catholicism keyed to the Catechism of
the Catholic Church. Jim's best-selling work is a 16 panel
fold-out pamphlet titled What You Need to Know About
Roman Catholicism.
His latest book is
Letters Between a Catholic and
an Evangelical
, recently released by Harvest House
Publishers. His other works include What Every Catholic
Should Ask
(Harvest House), What You Need
to Know About Roman Catholicism: Quick Reference Guide

(Harvest House), and The Pocket Evangelism Kit
(Lumen Productions). His latest book, Talking to
Catholic Friends and Family,
is scheduled for release in August

Jim and Jean have three
daughters and live in San Jose, California. Th
ere he
serves as an elder in a nondenominational church. He is a frequent conference
speaker and teaches on a variety of topics both in North
America and overseas.