God’s Place For Me

God’s Place For Me

George M. Landis

Text: “And they stood every man in his place round about the camp.” (Jud. 7:21)

God has a place for every believer. It is a place of separation from this godless world. For the most part, Abraham lived in separation from the world and to God. It is a place of sacrifice. If we are bold for Christ, we will suffer some persecution. It is a place of service. Paul said: “We serve the Lord Christ.” And it is a place of satisfaction and blessing.

Having seen the characteristics of God’s place for His own, the question naturally arises: “How can I find God’s place for me?” Let us never forget that it is not ours to choose the place, but to accept God’s choice for us.

We must be in communion and fellowship with God if we would know His will as to the place in which He would have us. Too often the magnet of self attracts the needle of life’s compass away from God’s will. F. B. Meyer suggests a three-fold rule in determining God’s will. First, His Spirit within, for the Holy Spirit indwells every believer. Second, God’s Word without. Certainly nothing that is contrary to God’s Word can be considered His will. And the Holy Spirit will never contradict God’s Word, for He is the Author of it. And third, His providences around. When these three focus on one point, says Dr. Meyer, we may be sure we have God’s will.

And finally, what are we to do when we have found God’s place for us? We are to stand, as did Gideon’s men, who “stood every man in his place round about the camp.” When we find God’s place, stand in that place. Nothing should be permitted to move us until He calls us to another place of His choosing. God grant that we may all find His place and then stand unflinchingly in that place for his Glory.