Author's Note

The title given to this book is the name common to all true Christians and is, therefore, unsectarian. In this sense only is the title used, and it has been chosen to convey this message.

In compiling this record of the work of the Holy Spirit, covering the last hundred years, since the inception of what became known as the Brethren Movement, it would be superfluous to state that no attempt has been made to follow every bypath leading from the main arteries of that spiritual movement. To have set out upon such an expedition would have entailed research work which could hardly have warranted the labour expended, and must surely have been a task altogether too formidable to contemplate.

A faithful endeavour has been made to trace the path of the pioneers of faith, and record the founding of such assemblies which lay along that path in our sojourn through the British Isles.

Owing to the exigencies of space it has been impossible to include many assemblies worthy of permanent record. The omission of others equally deserving of a place has been the lack of reliable data or the absence of definite information.

The author has spared no effort in an endeavour to trace the history of assemblies, particularly those whose birth took place before the present century. In this task he has been ably assisted by those who so kindly furnished valuable material which otherwise would have been irretrievably lost. To all who have lent a helping hand he takes this opportunity of expressing his sincere thanks.

D. J. B.