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Hebrews: its depths never plumbed; its height never reached; its mysteries never solved; its wealth never fully realized! But what has been gleaned is food, rich and satisfying; water, refreshingly vital.

The author of these notes has been studying and preaching and writing on the book of “Hebrews” for many years. Throughout my Christian experience it has been my rare privilege to hear his addresses on this and other books of the Bible, and it has been a real pleasure to work with him in the formation of this book.

His personal file under “Hebrews” is replete with outlines, notes, illustrations, etc., drawn from his own meditation and an exhaustive library on this epistle. Why all this? Just that from this storehouse of wealth, you hold in your hands choice bits (“notes”)—refined gold—refined from material that would make volumes.

The author’s previously published “Notes on Romans” has passed into several editions and has been translated into several languages by missionaries for use with their converts. We anticipate for this volume a similar usefulness.