Chapter 8 - Special Occasions

(New years / Thanksgiving / Mothers day, etc)


----Mothers Day: God’s Beauty Queen - Proverbs. 31:10-31

God calls her,
because, “...her price [is] far above rubies” 10 - There is no price tag because she is not for sale! You have to “find” her, (vs.10) - dig deep for this precious gems. You wont find her on the street, or the pub, or theater, but look in the Bible Class or prayer meeting. She is God’s,

True beauty is inner character, not a superficial facade. It is the “Hidden man of the heart, not corruptible, an ornament of a meek and quiet spirit” 1Peter. 3:4 - You can’t buy beauty in a bottle or apply it with a putty-knife that smudges or washes off in the shower. Age and wrinkles, betray a camouflage job. Don’t try to touch up God’s handiwork, unless you are a Rembrandt! Every woman is a front-runner candidate for Miss or Mrs. Universe. There is no competition, but by God’s grace, the inner beauty can be of sterling character. True beauty is a choice, and not a genetic accident. Outwardly neat and modest, but not to attract, impress, or distract. Avoid the beautiful woman with a tigers’ temperament, or a charming woman without practical common sense.

All The Virtues In Proverbs:
Wisdom, diligence, industrious, thrifty, self discipline, integrity, discrete, kind, benevolent, generous, gracious, merciful, sacrificial, committed, compassionate, a faithful wife and mother, praise worthy, God fearing, prudent, foresight, neat, modest, contented and fulfilled. She displays the “fruit of the Spirit.” 30; Gal. 5:22.23 - She is a model and inspiration to all; to her family, and to all men, women, and children, of all ages.

is a faithful,
” - She compliments and contributes to her husbands’ welfare. Her husband trusts her; they have only one bank account with no credit card conflicts. She is cherished “praised” by her husband and children. The husband’s claim to fame is his wife. An elders’ ministry of “hospitality” largely depends on his wife. Hers is the “gift of helps” which never hinders or drags its feet.

is a
not a “business woman” or “busybody” - Her enterprise was from her home and for her family. She was not a “career woman” but a “committed” woman. She was there when her family needed her. She saw to it that her family was well cared for. She redeemed the time and expended her energy wisely. It was Early in the morning; late at night and hard work in between. She was frugal; She shopped around for the best bargains.

She wasn’t a slave in her home but she was committed to it and loved it. She was contented with the basic needs and a modest life style.

is a
: “...a woman that fears the Lord...” (Vs.30) A godly person fears the Lord and this is the key to all her virtues. Proverbs begins with the, “fear of the Lord” 1:7 and ends with this virtuous woman as an example. She feared the Lord but not the snow or old age. - She is a faithful servant and a fulfilled woman. Like Paul she could have said, “I have finished my course” 2Tim. 4:7 here are “timeless truths” lessons for all, men and women alike.


Good News From An Empty Tomb
Mark 16:1-6 “... he is risen; he is not here...” This is not a yearly celebration but a daily devotion and weekly remembrance. This is a unique tomb, not death, tears and despair but life, joy and hope. -
in Old Testament types. The living bird sprinkled with blood and let loose. Lev. 14:5-7 - In Old Testament prophecy, the Holy One would, not “see corruption” Psalms 16:10 - Job said, “I know [that] my redeemer lives” Job. 19:25-27 - Christ said; “I am the resurrection and the life...” John. 11:25 - and “Destroy this temple, (His body) and in three days I will raise it up....” John. 2:19,21

Of Friend And Foe Confirmed His Resurrection. It was the women who initiated the annual pilgrimage to the tomb. - It was the angel who removed the stone, to let us look in, but not to let Him out; then he said, “He is not here...he is risen...Come, see the place” (Not the Person) Mat. 28:2,6 - The Roman seal was broken by a supernatural power. The trembling soldiers and desperate Judaisers were fumbling for excuses, but couldn’t find any. In Mat.28 - Saints were miraculously raised from the grave and appeared to confirm the resurrection. Mat. 27:52,53 - There were post-resurrection appearances of the Lord Jesus which proved He is alive. 1Cor. 15:5-9 - It was the apostles’ witness of His resurrection that led to their martyrdom. Acts. 2:24

– It was to fulfill Scripture and His own predictions. It is Fundamental to Christianity and salvation. Founders of religions are dead, but the Founder of Christianity is alive. The definition of the Gospel is, “Christ died...was buried...rose again” 1Cor. 15: 1-4 a - He, “...was raised again for our justification.” Rom. 4:25 - It was, God’s “AMEN” - the last word concerning His Son. - It is the basis for the “living and blessed hope” 1Pet. 1:3 - He arose so He could, ascend and be exalted at God’s right hand and to function as our Great High Priest. Heb. 8:6 - He arose so He can guard and dispense our “spiritual blessings” Eph.1: 3 – and so He can, “prepare a place for us...” John. 14 – And to provide for us an incentive for steadfast service. 1Cor. 15:58 - The living Savior sent us to serve and is our Co-worker. He arose so He can, come again. John. 14:3

If He Did Not Arise. 1Cor.15 - Our preaching would be in vain and we are false witnesses. Our faith would be vain and we would still be in our sins. - We would be of all men most miserable. - Our departed believing friends have perished; they are dead and not asleep. - Sensual living would be the only wise choice, “eat drink and be marry” - The good news from the empty tomb is, there is spiritual resurrection for the sinner who believes. There is bodily resurrection for the saint who has fallen asleep in Jesus. The last time the world saw Jesus was as Savior on the cross when He said, “Father forgive them” - The next time they will see Him will be as Judge on the throne and will hear Him say, “depart from me” - Like Paul, we desire to know Him, and “the power of His resurrection” Php. 3:10 - His resurrection marked Him out as the “‘Son of God” Rom. 1: 4 - The lyrics for the victors song is appropriate, “death is swallowed up in victory” 1Cor. 15:54 - The true believer should be able to say, “I know He lives because He lives within my heart.”



Mat. 1:18-25 - Luke. 2:1-20

The incarnation
is, “...God manifested in flesh...” 1Tim. 3: 16 - The eternal God of the universe, came into this world as a human so He could reach man and become the Savior of the world. The word “Christmas” is not in the Bible, but the doctrine of Christ’s incarnation is a fundamental doctrine. It is not to be a yearly celebration, but a daily meditation. The exact date is unknown, but the fact is well documented. Note the delightful absence of commercialism in the Bible.

- heaven and earth welcomed Him. - The place was Bethlehem; the date was, “In the fullness of time...” Gal. 4:4 - It drew angels to earth to report the good news. Luke. 2:1-7 - It brought, Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, to fulfill Scripture. Luke. 2:1-7 - It drew shepherds to the stable, to meet their Savior. Luke. 2:8-20 - It attracted Wiseman from the east to seek and worship Him. Mat. 2:1-8 - There was Homage from afar (Gentiles) but hostility at home (Jews) John. 1:11,12 - The uplifted Christ on the cross, draws all men to Himself. John. 12:32 ---

is our Lord Jesus Christ. - Mathew presents Him as King and records His kingly genealogy and birth. Because everyone is interested is the genealogy and birth of a King. Luke presents Him as Man and also records His genealogy and birth. - Mark presents Him as a Servant but not His genealogy and birth, because no one is interested in a slaves ancestry. - John presents Him as God with no human origin because He is the Eternal One without a beginning. -

The two greatest events in the history of the world are, His first and second advent. Both are predicted in the Bible; the first was fulfilled and the second will be. - There are three fundamental qualifications for our Redeemer. He had to be
Divine, Human and Sinless
. -
, because “salvation is of the Lord” Jonah 2:9 - “no one can by any means redeem his brother” Psalms 49:7 - An infinite debt requires an infinite Redeemer. That explains why His title is Emmanuel, meaning “God with us” Mat.1: 23 - He had to be
because, “without shedding of blood is no remission” Heb.9: 22 -- He had to be
, virgin born. The great miracle was not His birth, but His conception and condescension. - He was born to die; we are born to live - born again to live eternally. The distance He stooped, from Glory to Calvary measures his love.


Mothers Are Special

1. God likens His comforting love to a mother. Isaiah. 66:13

2. As we get older we learn to appreciate our mothers more.

3. We started their birth pains and contributed to their headaches and heartaches.

4. We honor mothers and worship God who made them the way they are.


NOTABLE MOTHERS: “Universal Beauty Queens” (Who Possess INNER Beauty)

    , is the, “mother of all living” Gen. 3:20

      (1) Physical mother but also spiritual. “Seed of the woman” Gen. 3:15

      (2) God made mothers to populate His perfect creation.

      (3) The first mother thwarted God’s holy plan and introduced sin and a curse.

      (4) At Calvary in grace, the Son of a mother bore her sin along with ours. 5

    gave up all for Isaac. (Pictures Christ and the Church) Gen.24

    , a Gentile “Choice Gleaner” became the Redeemers ancestor.

      (1) Grace reaches out to those “afar off”

    , saved Israel from “infant genocide” (Anti-abortion/Pro-life) Exodus. 1:15

    prayed for a “son” to give back to the Lord.

    6. The
    Shunem woman
    - See, 2Kings. 4:8 (1) She had spiritual perception.

      (2) She was hospitable. (3) She was great and gracious.

      (4) She was contented with her present lot. 13

    bore our Savior who bore our sins, which Eve, introduced in Eden.

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES For Committed Mothers. (Qualify As Beauty Queens)

    1. Any restrictions for public ministry are overcome in motherhood. 1Tim. 2:11-15

      (1) Lois and Eunice ministered privately to Timothy. (Home schooled)

      (2) Timothy became a public servant. “A man of God.”

    2. Hannah prayed for a son and God gave her Samuel. (A priest and prophet)

    3. Older women can teach younger women. Titus. 2:3-5.

      (1) Not theology but responsibility; Love, submission, “keepers at home”

    4. A child’s sacred confessional booth is his mother’s sympathetic ear.

    5. We honor mothers and worship God who made them like they are.

POEM; By, Joaquin Miller

The bravest battle that ever was fought; shall I tell you where and when?
On the maps of the world it wont be found, it was fought by the mothers of men.


Seed Thoughts & Sermon Starters

History Of Thanksgiving Day

1. In 1621, Gov. Wm. Bradford of Mass. invited neighboring Indians to join the Pilgrims in a three-day celebration to express gratitude for a bountiful harvest.

2. It was celebrated in New England until the end of the 19th. Century.

3. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it a national holiday.

4. Traditionally it was celebrated on the last Thursday of November and celebrated with turkey and pumpkin pie.

5. In 1941, an act of congress changed the day to the 4th Thursday of November.

6. Canada adopted it as a national holyday on Nov. 1879 and celebrates it on the 4th Monday of October.


Notes & Quotes


The best gift is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another.


Freedom means it is impossible to mentally and socially enslave a Bible-reading people.


Freedom is not the right to do as you please, but the liberty to do, as you ought.


Freedom of religion is not a choice to go to church or to go fishing on Sunday.


Freedom of speech is often abused. Not to be confused with loose talk.


We have the liberty to do that, which is good, just and honest.


AT&T - reports 27% higher ratio of long distance call are charged to dads on Fathers Day then to mothers on Mothers Day. The supposed reason is dads are usually seen as the business movers in the home, with power, position and money.




**”Thanks [be] unto God for his unspeakable gift”. 2Cor. 9:15

    1. This Gift is the, “Gift of all gifts” - the person and work of Christ.

    2. This Gift is undeserved, unspeakable, precious and an eternal possession.

**”Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”. 1Cor. 15:57

    1. The victory is in our resurrected Savior. 1Cor.15

    2. Our Captain leads the victory procession, which ends in glory. Heb. 2:10

    3. We are to extend the sweet savor of His knowledge in every place.

    4. We are thankful for, (1) His unspeakable Gift.

      (2) Our Captain who leads us in the procession to victory.

      (3) For the privilege of spreading the sweet savor everywhere.

    5. Like the one leper, we return to say “thank you!” - Luke. 17:17

    6. A thankful heart registers the spiritual condition of the heart.

    7. We are also thankful for temporal blessings. (Turkey and pumpkin pie)

    8. Thanksgiving isn’t a yearly celebration, but a continual attitude of heart.


Questions & Answers

- I saw a sign that read, “PUT CHRIST BACK INTO CHRISTMAS” - What did they mean?

- They probably mean the secular world has made Christmas an occasion for making money with precious little of Christ in it. You see

Santa Clause, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and lots of tinsel, but you don’t see

Christ. You hear, “Jingle Bells” and “A partridge in a pear tree” but not, “Joy to the World! The Lord has come” - They leave Christ out of the name, and call it, “X- Mass” - Christ is the “X”, the unknown and it has become all “MASS” – God does not ask us to celebrate a day once a year, but the incarnation is a precious truth, to rejoice in every day.