Matthew 6

Some thoughts on Matthew 6:25-34

Chapters 5-7 give us the laws of the Kingdom.  Primarily, they were intended to govern the kingdom which Christ could have established.  They will yet be used in the future kingdom.

This is the strict interpretation of the chapters.  However, the truths can be applied to us today.

Ch 6 covers some important areas of our life:
Verses 1-4 speak of our giving - In secret - Widow
Verses 5-15 speak of our praying. See verse 6. Elijah - son. Elisha - oil.
Verses 16-18 speak of our fasting.
Verses 19-24 speak of our use of wealth.

Some men spend their life, and ruin their soul, in the quest for wealth.  Some believers, like Esau, have lost their spiritual heritage, and Gods blessing, because of their love of riches. Love of money.

It is not wrong to possess things, but it is very wrong for things to possess you.  See Colossians 3: 1-2

The exhortations from verse 25 onward are not for the rich only, but include the poor.  The sin mentioned here is not confined to worldlings - it is prevalent among believers.  The sin of worry. Take no thought - be not anxious - do not worry.

Worry denies the love of God by implying He doesn't care for us.  It denies the wisdom of God by implying that He doesn't know what He is doing.  It denies the power of God by implying that He isn't able to provide for us.

(1) Context of the Tribulation
Verses 25-26 should put the worrying saint at rest.  Don't worry about food, drink or clothes.  God feeds the birds, and we are of more value than they.  I have never seen the righteous forsaken.

One important observation: Before the birds are satisfied they must look around, scratch and forage.  In other words they must work to provide for themselves and family.

So must we human beings - we must work - the Scriptures say, "If a man will not work, let him not eat." 2 Thess 3:10.

(2) Verse 27
The exhortation here is that it is not only dishonoring to God to worry about the future, it is irrational and futile.  No one by worrying can add 18 inches to his height.  Some versions read can add one cubit to the span of his life.  That is, a dying person cannot add eighteen minutes to his life by being anxious about it.  Lukes comment on this is "If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest.�" Luke 12:25-26

(3) In verses 28-30 the Lord goes into the realm of clothing.  He says, "Why do you worry about clothes?"  Consider the lilies, etc.  They send their little roots and tendrils into the earth and God takes the substance they gather and transform it into a thing beauty.

Solomon in his royal robes was not as beautiful as a lily.  "If God so clothes the flowers, shall He not much more clothe you?"

"O ye of little faith."  "Be not faithless but believing."

(4) Verses 31-32 Therefore be not anxious - do not worry about the future.  God will supply all your needs - food, drink and clothing.  See Phil 4:6,7 also verse 19 - Psalm 23.  Do not be like the Gentiles who sometimes ruin their lives seeking earthly security.  Remember that if we do our part, God will do His.

In verse 33 the Lord makes an important covenant with His followers.  "If you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, I will see that you never lack the necessities of life.  If you put God's interests first in your life, He will guarantee your future needs."    God's provisions for Elijah at Cherith - His provision for the widow at Zarephath. 1 Kings 17. Make me a cake first.  This is God's Social Security Plan.  The formula: "Put Me and My interests first and you will never lack."

(5) Verse 34 - Therefore do not worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is in God's hand; He will take care of it.

Sufficient onto the day is its own trouble - misfortune - adversity.  Live for today and leave tomorrow in God's hands.